Lawmakers in one blue state are about to get a lungful of exhaust fumes as their policies backfire

Democrats are solidly committed to policies that don’t – and can’t – work. 

And the more the party drifts Left, the more it’s divorced from reality. 

Now lawmakers in one blue state are about to get a lungful of exhaust fumes as their policies backfire.

Republicans and Democrats in Pennsylvania have one thing in common: they’re downright unhappy. 

The Commonwealth Foundation just released a poll that reveals 68 percent of Pennsylvania citizens say things in the Keystone State have “pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track.” 

It’s bad enough a stunning 42% reported that they have either considered leaving the state or know someone who either left or is thinking about it. 

“Families are leaving for better jobs, educational opportunities, and quality of life in other states,” the Commonwealth Foundation reported. 

The state of education in Pennsylvania is a major factor. 

Those polled were asked to grade the state’s schools with only 5% giving the educational system and “A” while 8% gave it a big fat “F.”

A full 45% said the state’s schools deserve an uninspiring “C” grade. 

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state dealing with a massive exodus. 

New Jersey’s Governor relaxed pandemic restrictions back in March in a bid to stem the blue state exodus. 

Meanwhile, New York City’s Mayor is running a campaign in Florida hoping to attract leftist families – and their tax dollars. 

On the west coast, California has practically been hemorrhaging conservative residents. 

According to Census Bureau data between July 2020 and July 2021 red states picked up an incredible number of residents with Florida gaining 220,890, Texas 170,307, and Arizona 93,026. 

States with the biggest blue cities lost the most people with California losing 367,299 citizens, New York giving up 352,185, and Illinois saying goodbye to 122,460. 

California was so panicked over the massive outflow of wealth, politicians actually threatened to continue taxing residents even after they moved out of the state. 

In some conservative areas there are so many blue state refugees that housing is almost impossible to find. 

Rentals, Airbnb properties, RV Parks, and even hotels are full as construction crews scramble to keep pace with demand.

Based on what’s happening, it’s about time for some blue states to do some serious soul-searching before they lose a huge portion of their tax base. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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