Laura Ingraham called out the latest blue-city insanity from the Left

Democrats have driven off the deep end with their attacks on those who expose their nonsense to the world.

Now you won’t believe what everyday act they’re doubling down on fighting against.

And Laura Ingraham called out the latest blue-city insanity from the Left.

Hard-left radicals gave up on class warfare decades ago because they realized it didn’t work particularly well in America.

That’s when the radicals switched to race, sex, gender, and sexuality in order to divide and conquer America.

The Left will never stop seizing on America’s long abolished past of slavery and Jim Crow.

Today they leverage them with nonsensical quibbles from activists who claim racism at the drop of a hat.

Everything from trees to time itself has been deemed racist by some crackpot neo-Marxist.

Now, according to The Los Angeles Times, L.A. traffic is now racist.

Working Americans’ carbon footprints trigger the identity group-obsessed Left

Fox News host Laura Ingraham called out the absurdity on her show.

Ingraham said, “A new piece by Sammy Roth and the L.A. Times provides a window into the insanity that is the modern liberal mind. The piece, titled ‘How White and Affluent Drivers Are Polluting the Air Breathed by LA’s People of Color,’ says that Mr. Roth is wracked by guilt for how he’s driving on the 405 to the Valley, and it’s not only growing his carbon footprint — he’s fueling other racist outcomes as well. He said, ‘I couldn’t help but consider my own complicity while reading a new study from USC researchers.’ It found ‘that Angelenos who drive more tend to be exposed to less air pollution, and Angelenos who drive less tend to be exposed to more pollution.’”

Ingraham went on to explain how the Left call this “environmental racism.”

The accusations are always the same, and so, too, are the “solutions.”

In order to combat fill-in-the-blank racism or oppression, the government needs more money and power.

Aside from the general insanity of the argument, Ingraham pointed out that this is a class issue, not a race issue.

Ingraham said, “And this is obviously not about race, it’s about poverty. And who’s to blame for the generational poverty that has plagued minority neighborhoods in the United States? Liberals, of course, who thought that they could replace the nuclear family with big government, that’s who. The fact is, their policies have failed black America on everything from crime to the economy to education. So now all they can do is try to blame America itself. In the practice of racial grievance, this has become its own subspecialty.”

Leftists have become cartoonish in their attacks on American society.

The over-carseating of Americans

A generation which spent its entire childhood riding in cars where they were forced by law to ride strapped into child seats has now come into supposed adulthood.

Is it any surprise they hate the American automobile and need to be protected from everything, or that they will use any tactic they can to destroy the country in service to their revolution?

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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