LA’s Soros DA George Gascón deliberately directs prosecutors to undercharge criminals for the dumbest reason ever

The political winds in big blue cities have been moving against any kind of repercussions for criminal acts.

The resulting spikes in crime have shown just how wrong-headed this dogmatic approach has been.

Now, LA’s Soros DA George Gascón deliberately directs prosecutors to undercharge criminals for the dumbest reason ever.

A new policy from District Attorney George Gascón in the nation’s largest district attorney’s office could be enough to make your head spin.

Prosecutors in Los Angeles County will now have to take the immigration status of suspects into account in charging decisions.

According to a new directive, these prosecutors are now encouraged to seek diversion programs to help avoid deportations.

So, American citizens will be charged normally, which, to be fair, will also consist of being undercharged, given that this is a Soros prosecutor.

But citizens just won’t be as undercharged as our illegal amigos accused of committing crimes.

Eric Siddall, vice president of the Association for Deputy District Attorneys of Los Angeles County, breaks down this insanity thusly, “That’s basically saying, ‘We’re going to give you a pass because you used a gun. Anyone under criminal investigation can contact the DA’s office to ‘present information concerning adverse immigration consequences’ before a case is filed, the measure states, a policy that has been the norm. All charging determinations shall be undertaken with the goal of avoiding or mitigating the adverse immigration consequences of a decision when known. Under these circumstances and when consistent with public safety alternatives to filing charges exist, those alternatives shall be pursued.”

How can we be so heartless to think about victims of felonies when prosecuting offenders might mean they get a one-way ticket to a place without indoor plumbing?

The district attorney’s office issued a mealy-mouthed statement claiming that the policy prioritizes public safety and protects illegal immigrants.

Tiffany Blackwell, communications director for the DA’s office, said, “The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office consulted with our staff, community stakeholders, and immigration experts to craft a comprehensive Immigration policy that protects vulnerable victims and prioritizes safety while attempting to avoid overly punitive consequences for the accused. We believe that we have achieved that result. We will continue to rely upon our staff to provide us with relevant information that will assist in making the determination if alternative sentencing is warranted.”

The sad truth is that this new policy will discriminate against native-born suspects because they aren’t at risk of deportation and won’t be given the same consideration when charging decisions are made.

Unfortunately for those in L.A. who aren’t on board with far-left insanity, Gascón has survived two recall attempts even though he’s only held his current position for two years.

This comes despite frequent criticism from crime victims, elected and law enforcement officials, and his own prosecutors.

In practice, what this means for residents is that things may get worse before they get better.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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