Kindergartners in this state are being indoctrinated into radical anti-American beliefs

Joe Biden has spent the last year and a half dividing the country.

Biden and his Democrat allies insist the “equality” agenda they’re pushing will unify the country when in reality all it will do is further divide.

Now kindergartners in this state are being indoctrinated into radical anti-American beliefs.

The Left will stop at nothing to brainwash America’s children.

It is the most vulnerable group in the country and many of them are part of a captive audience being taught radical leftist ideas in government schools.

Now, the state of Oregon is taking it all the way down to kindergarten.

Fox News reported:

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) adopted the new standards to integrate ethnic studies in social studies curricula for kindergarten through 12th grade, adding new “perspectives and histories” to allow students to “feel welcome and recognized in the classroom and a part of our collective narrative, our shared history.

The new standards will have kindergartners engaging in “respectful dialogue” to define diversity by comparing and contrasting “visible and invisible similarities and differences.”

Race is not an issue to children.

Children do not understand segregation or differences based on skin color unless they’re taught it, which is exactly what these radical leftists are doing.

There is no need for a child to be told they’re different from anyone else because of the color of their skin, but this is how Joe Biden and the Democrats plan to divide the entire nation.

The so-called “standards” in the new Oregon curriculum go on to say that kindergartners will be required to “identify examples of unfairness or injustice towards individuals or groups and the ‘change-makers,’ who worked to make the world better,” as well as “identify possible solutions to injustices that demonstrate fairness and empathy.”

A spokesman for the Oregon Department of Education said in a statement to Fox News Digital that “local school boards adopt curriculum to meet state standards set forth by the department, and that Critical Race Theory is not mandated in any standards.”

This obvious brainwashing of children will not stop until parents begin speaking up, or better yet, pulling their kids out of government schools.

It is disgusting to think that Joe Biden and the Left are so reprehensible that they don’t even think twice about manipulating children to push through their political agenda.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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