Kathy Hochul’s terrible agenda is being undercut by one Republican trying to throw money at it

Kathy Hochul held onto her governorship by the skin of her teeth.

And New Yorkers will have to pay the price.

But Hochul’s terrible agenda is being undercut by one Republican trying to throw money at it.

Pro-crime policies are choking the life out of major blue cities around the country, New York included.

That has caused a ripple effect throughout New York State, one of the causes for hundreds of thousands people leaving the state over the past few years.

Disgraced former Mayor Andrew Cuomo tried to reverse the net negative migration out of his state by begging New Yorkers to return, but his replacement Kathy Hochul has taken a different tack.

Hochul told people who didn’t agree with her leftist policies to hitch a ride to Florida.

She has done little to address the concerns of New Yorkers worried about crime; in fact, she belittled those concerns.

But Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is attempting to return law and order to the state.

Congresswoman’s bill would combat cashless bail laws with money from other states’ taxpayers

Stefanik proposed the Stop Enabling Repeat Violence and Endangering Our Communities (SERVE) Act in order to combat pro-crime bail reforms that even communist former New York Mayor Bill de Blasio admitted were a failure.

Stefanik explained, “In the face of the Far Left’s calls to ‘Defund the Police’ and dangerous bail reform that puts more violent criminals on the street, I am proud to lead this investment in our law enforcement and strengthen public safety. Far Left Albany’s reckless and dangerous bail reform policies have already put our communities at risk.”

The SERVE Act would distribute $10 million in grant money to states that consider the “dangerousness” of repeat offenders regarding bail, as well as provide funding for officers and programs to combat anti-police campaigns from the far-left.

Stefanik added, “My legislation will incentivize New York State to implement policies that correct their massive oversight and hold repeat offenders accountable. I’m proud to stand united with local law enforcement and our community members to work to keep Upstate New York and the North Country, and our state of New York, safe.”

Lee Zeldin almost defeated Hochul in the deep-blue state of New York because he touched on state residents’ real worries about crime.

Hochul and the Democrats seem more concerned with the worries of the criminals.

If Hochul and the Democrats continue down this destructive path, they will set the stage for a law-and-order reform candidate to sweep into office.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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