Kathy Hochul put one criminal back on the street that will make you blood run cold

Crime has been a huge problem in major cities around the country.

The uptick in violence since the 2020 George Floyd riots has largely been ignored by Democrats.

And Kathy Hochul put one criminal back on the street that will make your blood run cold.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul did not wasted any time implementing pro-crime policies in the name of “social justice.”

In reality, these policies punish law-abiding citizens and reward criminals.

That was proven true by a horrific incident involving a parolee who was put back on the street and allowed to commit another heinous crime.

Charles Rowe, 56, was convicted in 1987 of the rape and murder of a 10-year-old girl in Jamaica Queens.

After 35 years in prison, Rowe was released in 2022, and is now being charged with another sexual assault.

Thanks to the “Less Is More” Act signed by Hochul, it becomes more difficult for parolees to be violated.

Convicted child rapist and murder accused again after put back on the streets by Hochul-signed “Less Is More” Act 

The idea was to stop people trying to turn their lives around from being sent back to prison for minor infractions, but the new law made it easier for people like Rowe to stay on the street and commit more crimes.

Rowe, a lifetime parolee, was not sent back to prison after allegedly stealing a car.

The New York Post reported that Rowe “was hit with a felony stolen car rap in December, according to law enforcement sources. The convicted killer continued to remain free despite twice blowing off court appearances in that case — during which time he allegedly went on a brutal crime spree in Queens, assaulting one woman and raping another before he was finally locked up earlier this month, records show. In both cases, he allegedly threatened to kill his victims, according to the court records.”

These are the types of pro-crime policies that result in communities getting terrorized.

The spirit of the law is to prevent parolees from doing hard time again for jaywalking.

A lifetime parolee convicted of murder should’ve been put behind bars for stealing a car.

Rowe was convicted of raping his 10-year-old victim and stabbing her repeatedly in 1987, so it’s a disgrace that he was granted release in the first place.

A law enforcement source told the New York Post, “Charles Rowe is the poster child for parole violation…He did time for one of the most heinous crimes I have seen in 40 years and he robs a car less than a year after he’s released. Thanks to the governor’s ‘Less is More’ it is almost impossible to violate someone…Lowering the standards is responsible for one woman fighting off this monster and another woman being raped in two horrific crimes where both women were threatened to be killed.”

Democrats should be forced to answer for the promotion of these infuriated pro-crime policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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