Kathy Hochul has New Yorkers furious after she piped up with these three words

Election Day is closing in and the race for New York Governor has become closer than anybody expected as the candidates make their final pleas to voters.

Democrat incumbent Kathy Hochul hasn’t done herself any favors with first her statements and then her silence when it comes to the violent crimes devastating citizens.

But now Hochul has New Yorkers furious going into the final push after she piped up with these three words.

The New York Governor’s race between Republican Lee Zeldin and Democrat incumbent Kathy Hochul is coming down to the wire.

Out of all of the races going on this election cycle, few have grabbed the national spotlight quite like the New York governor’s race.

Just recently this race was moved into the “toss up” category by RealClearPolitics, and many believe the Republican challenger may be able to pull off an upset.

The Democrats’ iron grip on New York must be brought to an end

Crime has absolutely ravaged the state of New York in recent years, and is one of the top reasons many voters are heading to the polls on Tuesday.

Speaking of crime, Governor Kathy Hochul just made the case as to why there needs to be change in Albany.

During an appearance on the MSNBC program “Katy Tur Reports” Hochul explained why she thinks she has a better record on crime than her challenger.

More specifically, Hochul had the nerve to say “Democrats focus on facts. We also don’t ignore the fact that there’s real human emotion here.”

She then went on to say “People are scared, they’re hurting, and a lot of it has to do with this insatiable effort by the Republicans to scare people, when I’m out there actually doing something to literally keep them safer.”

Part of what she said is completely true, and that is “people are scared.”

People are absolutely scared of crime in New York and that is because the Democrats have created an environment where crime is not only going unpunished but it is also practically encouraged.

Time after time, New Yorkers hear about some street thug beating somebody to death after getting released on no bail.

Hochul’s comments come amidst outrage over another recent jaw-dropping statement on MSNBC.

As Blue State Blues reported last week, Hochul claimed in an interview with Al Sharpton that Republicans are “data deniers” and “master manipulators,” accusing the GOP of making a conspiracy about the rise in crime citizens in the Empire State can see on the streets with their own eyes.

So first Hochul says there’s no crime surge and that Republicans are just manipulating data.

Then she admits there is and that people are scared but claims it’s because of Republican manipulation, while “Democrats focus on facts.”

Unbelievably, Hochul thinks people are buying this.

New Yorkers are sick and tired of living in a constant state of fear, and make no mistake, this is not some made up frenzy created by Republicans as Hochul suggests.

At the end of the day, Kathy Hochul couldn’t care less about the crime ravaging citizens in her state.

Hopefully the people of New York focus on showing up to the polls and booting her out of office this Election Day.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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