Kathy Hochul has declared a war on this harmless tradition

There are few American traditions that are as great as High School football.

But like all great American traditions, the Left has found a reason to be offended by it and hate it.

And now, Kathy Hochul has declared a war on this harmless tradition.

New York is in ruins, yet Kathy Hochul has her sights focused on meaningless nonsense

At this point, it is fair to say that New York State has been completely ravaged by decades of Democrat control.

Not only is crime through the roof, but the state’s economy is in tatters.

New York is in ruins, yet Kathy Hochul has her sights focused on “offensive” mascots

Instead of addressing these crucial issues, New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul and her cronies in Albany have instead declared war on “offensive” mascots.

A State Education Department memo sent to all of New York State’s school districts by Senior Deputy Commissioner James N. Baldwin informed schools that Indian-themed mascots were deemed to be “a barrier to a safe and nurturing school environment”.

Furthermore, Baldwin called for the removal of all Indian-themed mascots, and failure to comply may result in the state cutting crucial funding to the school.

More specifically, Baldwin claimed in his memo that “Schools are learning environments; students learn as much through observation of their surroundings as they do from direct instruction. In addition to their legal obligations, boards of education that continue to utilize Native American mascots must reflect upon the message their choices convey to students, parents, and their communities.”

As a result of this threat, the few schools in New York that still have Indian-themed mascots are scrambling to change their mascots in order to avoid being defunded.

New York’s priorities are completely out of whack

The fact that New York is placing such a strong emphasis on these arguably “offensive” mascots instead of out-of-control crime and the economy is an outrage.

Not that long ago, nearly every school district had at least one school with an Indian-themed mascot, yet nobody seemed to care and nobody was hurt as a result.

Now Democrats see an opportunity to virtue signal and create changes that only go to make them feel better about themselves.

This is not what school districts should be focusing their time and resources on.

The claim that having an Indian-themed mascot somehow affects the ability of students to learn is absolutely insane.

This is yet another example of the Left completely upending American culture, replacing it with their backward and appalling worldview.

Now is the time for students and parents to fight back.

Crime ought to be the state’s top priority because nothing stops a student from learning quite like being mugged or raped on their way to school.

Yet these concerns about crime are often dismissed by the far-Left Democrats who have destroyed the state of New York.

Instead of crying over mascots, Democrats need to focus on the issues that New Yorkers actually care about.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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