Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams never expected their pro-crime policies could end in one jaw-dropping policy shift

After a shocking incident, people in the biggest blue city are starting to wake up.

Now Big Apple leftists like Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams illogically pushing pro-crime policies are about to face a massive backlash.

But Kathy Hochul and Eric Adams never expected their pro-crime policies could end in one jaw-dropping policy shift.

People in the Big Apple are calling for Texas-style laws.

The Left’s total disregard for law and order is leading to very real and frightening consequences in American cities.

Big Apple criminal meet Texas justice

A wanna-be robber died this past weekend after attempting to use a fake gun to rob two men in a Staten Island neighborhood that has historically been a safe part of the city.

Unfortunately, for the criminal his “imitation firearm” didn’t do the trick and the two 29-year-old men he was trying to rob fought back.

“A physical confrontation ensued, and the two males physically restrained the armed male in an attempt to gain control of the firearm. During the struggle, the armed male became unconscious,” the NYPD explained in a statement.

Responding officers found the robbery suspect “unconscious and unresponsive” and he was later pronounced dead.

That means his two intended victims, both who walked away with minor injuries, could end up facing murder charges.

“They resist, they fight back, and in the struggle the gunman dies,” Curtis Sliwa, a former Republican mayoral candidate, told Fox News Digital. “The two obviously are able to live another day. Nobody cries for the thug … and yet these two men shouldn’t have been put in that position.”

“I applaud their efforts,” Sliwa added. “But we’ll see what the district attorney does.”

Earlier this year bodega clerk Joes Alba was charged with murder after he bested a pair of would-be robbers.

Even Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami weighed in on the case indicating that the Manhattan District Attorney is off his rocker.

“Jose Alba was outnumbered. It was two individuals who were attacking him and one was armed with a knife and they stabbed him,” Hatami, who was born in New York and passed his bar exam there, said during a Fox News interview in July. “He was smaller than the aggressor and he was older than the aggressor so it was classic self-defense.”

At the time Hatami was working to get his own boss, woke Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, fired.

“I hope in New York and in other areas people realize that enough is enough. We’ve had enough of these progressive prosecutors who don’t care about public safety, who don’t care about law and order, who don’t care about protecting the normal, innocent person like Jose Alba.”

Alba’s murder charge was eventually dropped, but the fact that anyone who stands up to a thug can be charged with murder is beyond ridiculous.

Guardian Angel pushing for change

Now Sliwa, who has led a volunteer group called Guardian Angels for decades, is calling on New York to pass a “stand your ground” law.

Currently, crime victims are hogtied thanks to a “duty to retreat” clause on the books.

“Does that make any sense? Who would allow themselves to be shot or stabbed before they can take action to defend their lives? You can’t outrun a bullet,” State Senator George Borrello argued when pushing a bill to remove the measure earlier this year. “Law-abiding citizens should have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones no matter where they are when they face a violent attack.”

Of course, that bill is stuck in the state legislature’s “codes” committee while leftist dream up new excuses for citizens to remain as exposed as sitting ducks while pro-crime District Attorneys let criminals get away with almost anything.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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