Kamala Harris has some explaining to do after this hypocritical lack of action

As a direct result of Joe Biden’s horrible border policies, America is facing a full-blown crisis at the southern border with Mexico.

Nearly every community across the nation is being forced to deal with the consequences of mass migration, and there is no end in sight.

Now Kamala Harris has some explaining to do after this hypocritical lack of action.

Democrats have created a crisis at the southern border that is getting worse by the day

In recent years, many Democrat-controlled cities and states have decided to become so-called sanctuary cities or sanctuary states.

These laws allow illegal aliens to reside in their respective state or locality without fear of deportation or prosecution.

Predictably, these laws have helped to create what can best be described as an unmitigated immigration crisis.

Each and every day, thousands of illegal aliens flood across the Mexican border, often ending up in border communities in Texas or Arizona.

However, some Republican governors, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have had enough.

Greg Abbott delivered one Christmas gift to Kamala Harris she won’t forget

They rightfully believe it is very unfair for Democrat-controlled cities like New York City to invite illegal aliens into America, without taking any responsibility for them.

For this reason, on the night of Christmas Eve, Governor Abbott sent a group of 130 illegal border crossers right to the front door of Vice President Kamala Harris.

This bus was originally destined for New York City, but due to inclement weather, was rerouted to the Naval Observatory neighborhood in Washington D.C.

Instead of embracing these illegal aliens with open arms, Kamala Harris did not even leave her home while these migrants shivered at her front doorstep.

This callous act of unkindness proves once again that Democrats do not actually give a flip about illegal aliens.

Democrats need to start taking the border crisis seriously

Measures such as sanctuary city laws are nothing more than a form of virtue signaling. Democrats simply want to feel good about themselves, and they have no desire to actually deal with massive influxes of migrants like many Texans have to.

This plan to send illegal migrants to Democrat-controlled cities is ingenious and completely exposes Democrats.

Most Democrats only care about how others perceive them, and most of their political stances are based on this backwards notion.

Democrats in New York, D.C., and elsewhere are outraged over the recent influx of illegal aliens into their cities, often claiming that they do not have the infrastructure to care for them.

This is exactly what people in Texas, Arizona and other border states have been saying for decades.

Perhaps Democrats should have considered these added expenses before passing their brain-dead sanctuary city laws.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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