Kamala Harris got caught on video admitting one disturbing reason America is suffering

It’s clear the Democrats embraced radical-left policies that do not work for the country.

And the Biden administration keeps doubling down.

But Kamala Harris just got caught on video admitting one disturbing reason America is suffering.

Public sector unions are one of biggest scams in American politics.

They negotiate against taxpayers, and politicians buy them off with the taxpayers’ money.

And the politicians don’t suffer any consequences because they are often out of office when the chickens come home to roost and city/state coffers come up insolvent.

At the recent National Education Association (NEA) convention in Chicago, Vice President Kamala Harris said that the union has been “extraordinarily effective as a group advocate for change.”

She’s right.

The NEA, the biggest and most powerful teachers’ union, are effective when it comes to pushing radical policies and acting as Party foot soldiers.

Teachers’ unions like the NEA and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) have been particularly odious because not only are they the chief activists for the Democrat Party, they implement the radical ideas that are poisoning the youth of America.

Their impact is felt most in non-Right To Work blue states, where they’re more powerful, and enjoy a stranglehold on politics because all teachers are forced to join a union and pay dues, which are then used to lobby on behalf of Democrats and leftist goals.

Not only are all teachers subject to union politics and union rules but good teachers are not rewarded for excelling at their jobs – seniority takes precedence, regardless of performance.

That’s why the NEA and other teachers’ unions are Communist at their core.

A California teacher named Brenda Lebsack recently exposed just how bad it has become after she attended the NEA conference in Chicago.

What she reported back was a horror show.

Lebsack, a school choice advocate, was appalled at the indoctrination and groupthink at the event.

She wrote, “Public schools are no longer a safe place for families who hold traditional values or for families who believe gender (as in the male/female binary) is biologically determined. It was also evident that the teachers union is a lobbying arm of the Democratic Party…[A]s I read the 70 new business items and 40 amendments of bylaws, legislation, and resolutions, and listened to the platform speeches, it was obvious the NEA only represents those who hold the same ideologies and radical leftist political views. From what I observed, the NEA’s goal is for public education to be a training ground for political activism, while demonizing anyone—including students and their families—who does not share those same political and sociological beliefs.”

After Lebsack’s op-ed about the NEA conference was published, the executive board for the NEA affiliated California Teachers Association suspended her from attending any conferences for the rest of the year.

Teachers’ unions are an increasingly radical grift that prop up the Democrat Party.

All of the “woke” insanity that people are experiencing starts in blue state conferences, then gets disseminated in classrooms everywhere.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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