Judge may put Lori Lightfoot on the stand over heart-breaking footage

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot basks in the power and prestige of her office.

But she has zero interest in answering one journalist’s probing questions about why her city’s streets look “dystopian.”

Now, a judge may put Lori Lightfoot on the stand over heart-breaking footage.

Jaw-dropping new footage reveals the wasteland America’s third largest city has become during leftist Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s reign.

But while Lightfoot refused to lift a finger to stop Black Lives Matter rioters from ransacking the city, she’s going all-out to prevent journalist William J. Kelly from revealing exactly how bad things are in the Windy City.

Recently Kelly appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss exactly what’s happening as crime ravages Chicago neighborhoods and businesses.

Kelly is suing embattled Chicago Mayor over yanked press credentials

“The policies that really destroyed State Street and honestly, Michigan Avenue, the Magnificent Mile was the one-two punch of the lockdowns, the looting, but also the policies that continue to this day,” Kelly explained during his interview with Steve Doocy.

“Believe it or not, if someone shoplifting up to $1,000, there are no consequences,” he added. “So imagine, Steve, how long can you stay in business if somebody is stealing $1,000 from you every single day?”

“In a month, that’s $30,000 in a year, that’s $3 million. You’re not going to be able to stay in business,” he pointed out.

How Chicago businesses are supposed to survive in a crime ridden environment is one of numerous questions Kelly poses that Lightfoot, who has been dubbed “worst mayor in America” refuses to answer.

In fact, as Lightfoot faces re-election next month she’s stripped Kelly of his press credentials to avoid facing questions she’d rather not face including why some street vendors have turned to local gangs for protection due to the Lightfoot administration’s utter failure to deal with crime.

Now Kelly is fighting back through the legal system.

“She didn’t do anything to stop the looting. She didn’t do anything to stop the shoplifting right up to and including today,” Kelly explained. “She revoked my media credential. I filed a federal freedom of press lawsuit against Mayor Lightfoot. The questions that she didn’t want me to ask her at City Hall, I will be asking her under oath.”

“I intend to get these answers, and I intend to cover this mayor’s race, and I intend to expose what really is behind the destruction of our city,” he added.

Three years after the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and Marxist Black Lives matter riots, crime is still skyrocketing in Chicago with violent crime up 41% and robberies increasing by a mind-blowing 114%.

Leftists like Lori Lightfoot thought they could get away with implementing their radical agenda.

But the truth is their ideas are rotten to the core and catching up to them quickly.

Regrettably, they’re leaving a wasteland in their wake.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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