John Fetterman should drop out after suffering this humiliation

The Pennsylvania Senate race has gone sideways for the Democrats.

John Fetterman has been an utter disaster.

Now Fetterman should drop out of the race after suffering this humiliation.

John Fetterman had arguably the worst debate performance ever recorded on camera when he faced off against Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Despite proclamations from the corporate-controlled press, Fetterman clearly has not fully recovered after suffering a stroke during the primary.

Fetterman struggled for over an hour to string together coherent sentences.

Dr. Oz picked by The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Fetterman’s hometown paper

And adding insult to injury, Fetterman’s hometown paper, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, endorsed his opponent Dr. Oz for the Senate.

The Post-Gazette wrote:

“Mr. Fetterman’s life experience and maturity are also concerns. He has lived off his family’s money for much of his life. That has allowed him to do some good things, including mentoring disadvantaged young people and working to improve community policing and economic development in Braddock. That work, along with his six-foot-eight frame, shaved head and tattoos, attracted national media attention. Still, Mr. Fetterman, despite his hoodies and shorts, has little experience in holding real jobs or facing the problems of working people. In 2013, as the mayor of Braddock, Mr. Fetterman, after hearing gunshots, pulled a shotgun on an unarmed Black jogger. It was, we believe, an honest mistake. Still, it’s troubling that Mr. Fetterman never apologized for it. And during Tuesday’s debate, confronted with his 2018 statement that he didn’t support fracking, Mr. Fetterman still said, with a straight face, that he always supported fracking.”

Fetterman’s answer regarding his flip-flop on fracking was an unspeakably bad moment for the candidate.

Paper cited Fetterman’s troubling record – not just health concerns – in endorsing his opponent

That might not even have been Fetterman’s worst moment of the debate.

Not exactly a glowing endorsement

The Post-Gazette continued:

“Unlike most Republican politicians, candidate Oz spent a lot of time in poor urban neighborhoods, talking to people and, most important, listening and learning. He is more moderate on some issues than portrayed. We don’t believe he will be a stooge for the far right or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. We hope that Mr. Oz will disappoint them and serve in the Pennsylvania tradition of moderate Republicans, such U.S. Sens. John Heinz, Hugh Scott, and Richard Schweiker.”

Despite having a double-digit lead in the polls early in the general election, Fetterman has completely fallen apart.

Democrats are hoping that Fetterman can hold on for dear life and be a rubber stamp vote in the Senate, but it looks like the jig is up for Fetterman.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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