John Fetterman got a jaw-dropping surprise endorsement for “pulling a fast one” with this weird move  

John Fetterman and his political backers have pushed his “everyman” image for much of his political career.

The Democrat’s schtick is a little too convenient, following his health problems.

But John Fetterman just got a jaw-dropping surprise endorsement for “pulling a fast one” with this weird move.

John Fetterman feels much better now that he’s turned the senate into gym class.

Corporate-controlled media have been in the tank for Democrats for decades, but in recent years they’ve dropped any pretense of neutrality.

One outlet is making sure that loyal consumers of their “journalism” know that one of their favorite politicians is nice and comfortable.

In a puff piece, the Associated Press notes that Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) is now wearing hoodies and gym shorts on the job and it’s really lifting his spirits.

Thank goodness for that!

The outlet noted that prior to the recent hospital stay in which Fetterman checked in for clinical depression treatment in February, the freshman Senator walked the halls of the Senate “stone-faced” and, the horror of horrors, “dressed in formal suits.”

Left unsaid is that in reality, Fetterman wore suits for a few weeks before his first trip to the hospital. 

He also presumably wanted the job and simply adhering to dress code shouldn’t be treated as clearing a high hurdle. 

Democrat finds way to flout the rules and, in unprecedented twist, AP cheers

The article went on to say that male Senators are expected to wear a jacket and tie on the Senate floor but Fetterman found what they clearly deem to be a creative workaround.

He votes from the doorway of the Democrat cloakroom or the side entrance, reportedly waiting to make sure his “yay” or “nay” is recorded before withdrawing from the doorway back into the cloakroom. 

The strange enthusiasm AP seems to have from Fetterman’s “pulling a fast one” is just downright bizarre.

The Senate’s dress code basically consists of “don’t be sloppy” – and Fetterman can’t or won’t even abide by that.

Look, ma – no pants!

Shouting his votes from the hallway in order to be able to wear gym shorts and a hoodie must be par for the course for a guy who mooched off of his parents until he was 46 years old.

This isn’t normal behavior for an adult, let alone a U.S. Senator, despite what the Associate Press touts as “progress” from a guy with admitted emotional problems.

Setting aside the fact that the man feels like he needs to dress like a hobo to function, he’s demonstrated for months that he isn’t up to the job of being a United States Senator.

The citizens of Pennsylvania deserve better and, seeing as how his votes impact national policy, so do the entire national voting populace.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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