Joe Manchin just made an announcement that is sure to make Joe Biden and George Soros furious

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has clung to power in conservative West Virginia by occasionally bucking his own party.

Still he has yet to fully cross President Joe Biden or left-wing financier George Soros on a top priority until now.

But Joe Manchin just made an announcement that is sure to make George Soros furious.

After the death of George Floyd in 2020, most American cities reacted by making it harder than ever to apprehend violent criminals.

Predictably, the results have been catastrophic.

Lax prosecution has urban areas still struggling to get a grip on violent crime

While some cities belatedly reversed course on defunding police, much of the problems continue with urban centers being terrorized as a result of lax prosecution from George Soros-backed district attorneys.

And city officials in Washington D.C. are bound and determined to make it even harder to hold violent criminals accountable for their actions.

Late last year the D.C. City Council approved a crime bill that is characterized as enshrining George Soros-backed DAs’ policies into city code.

If allowed to stand, the move, which faces Congressional oversight, would eliminate most mandatory minimum sentences and reduce maximum sentences for crimes like robberies and carjackings.

This bill is so extreme that D.C.’s far-Left mayor Muriel Bowser vetoed it, only to be overridden by the city council with a 12-1 vote.

Despite Bowser’s opposition, Joe Biden has publicly declared support of this disastrous crime bill.

The good news is, given Washington D.C.’s status as a federal district, Congress has the final say and can vote it down.

The D.C. crime bill is sitting in the United States, where Republicans and some Democrats are uniting against it.

One Democrat who has voiced his opposition to this disastrous bill is Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

In an interview with CNN, Manchin said “I don’t support it. I mean, I want to put people away, I don’t want to let them out.   I haven’t been briefed on it, but what I know about it, I would vote to rescind it.”

Manchin added, “None of that makes sense to me.”

As it stands, all 49 Republican Senators are united against this crime bill, and Joe Manchin is the only liberal who has voiced his opposition to the city council’s crime bill that President Biden wants to become law.

Every American should be outraged by D.C.’s crime bill 

Over the last couple of years, pro-crime policies like cashless bail and reduced sentences have proven to be a total disaster.

Yet, many on the Left are still determined to let criminals run free even after committing appalling crimes.

Joe Biden and his Democrat allies are sending a powerful message that they stand on the side of crime by supporting D.C.’s horrible pro-crime bill.

The scary thing is that Democrats want legislation like this for all of America, not just Washington D.C.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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