Joe Biden’s teleprompter melted down after SCOTUS handed gun grabbers another devastating loss

The Second Amendment is under constant threat.

Democrats would love nothing more than to disarm the public.

And Joe Biden’s teleprompter melted down after SCOTUS handed gun grabbers another devastating loss.

Gun control zealots have been chipping away at gun rights for years.

If the D.C. v. Heller Supreme Court case had gone the other way, the Second Amendment could have become a dead letter.

That 5-4 decision could’ve gone the other way if the Democrats had been able to put another leftist on the bench.

That’s why Donald Trump getting three Supreme Court picks was so essential.

Instead, Americans’ Second Amendment freedoms are being upheld albeit in a case-by-case, state-by-state slog.

Trump SCOTUS picks critical in stopping another blue state gun control scheme

Following the important pro-Second Amendment decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen earlier this year, Trump’s Constitutionally-minded appointments just handed a loss to the anti-2A crowd in Massachusetts.

The New York Post reported that “the US Supreme Court vacated a Massachusetts gun control law in one of the first orders of its new term following the justices’ June ruling striking down a New York statute that required people to show ‘proper cause’ if they want to carry a concealed firearm in public. The Massachusetts case — Morin v. Lyver — concerned the plaintiff being denied a new firearm license because he had two out-of-state misdemeanor convictions for weapons possession. Massachusetts law places severe restrictions on the possession and purchase of firearms, including the ability to obtain a license to possess handguns, if convicted of nonviolent misdemeanors.”

Blue states and cities have been weakening gun rights across the country with these types of measures.

For example, states like California have attempted to limit magazine size or limit the sale of ammunition.

Prior to the New York ruling, it was incredibly difficult to get a carry permit.

The Post added that “the Supreme Court on Monday vacated the ruling by a lower court that found the Massachusetts law constitutional. The high court also sent the case back to the First Circuit Court of Appeals ‘in light’ of its June ruling in the New York gun case.”

The Cato Institute ranks Massachusetts 48th in the United States in terms of gun rights.

Ruling could mean life and death in crime-wracked, Biden-era America

This court ruling should help state residents get firearms in order to protect themselves.

Blue states seem determined to keep guns out of the hands of everyday residents while violent repeat felons keep getting let out of prison to commit more crimes.

Despite the best efforts from gun grabbers, gun sales remain at an all-time high as more first-time owners are exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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