Joe Biden’s border mess pushed this deep-blue community to its breaking point

One after another, some of Democrats’ most closely held beliefs are being proven off course. 

And what’s been dubbed the “most hippie” town in Washington state just made a stunning decision. 

A move that comes after Joe Biden’s border mess pushed the deep-blue community to its breaking point.

In the wake of the Black Lives Matter riots and absolute anarchy that broke out in 2020, Washington state ended up—at least temporarily—decriminalizing drug use. 

The results have proven disastrous. 

Back in 2018 Bellingham, Washington was dubbed “the most hippie town in Washington.”

But now municipal leaders are cracking down on drug use within Bellingham’s borders. 

The town outlawed drug use following a rash of fentanyl overdoses that left numerous citizens—including a five-year-old girl and two teens—dead. 

Death of five teens spurred course reversal

City council member Edwin Williams says the situation is so far out of control that seeing dead bodies around down became a commonplace occurrence.

“A man was sitting on the curb in a parking lot with his head bowed, right out in the open … and a police officer told me that he had been dead for at least 12 hours,” he told the New York Post. “It shocked me to my core.” 

Now open drug use in the city of about 91,000 residents is illegal—and anyone caught doing it can be arrested on the spot. 

The move was fueled by the growing fentanyl crisis, which has been booming across the United States as drug lords take advantage of Joe Biden’s open borders policy to more easily bring the deadly substance into the United States. 

The faster illegal aliens flow over the border, the easier it is for drug smugglers to get their product into the US black market. 

And the problem is growing rapidly with the latest numbers showing a jaw-dropping 10,000 illegal aliens now flowing over the border on a daily basis. 

That record-breaking number is only expected to surge over the next few months with the end of the Trump-era Title 42 rule. 

First responders in American cities are witnessing the repercussions of the growing fentanyl crisis. 

According to the Bellingham Fire Department, over the past year the number of drug overdoses doubled with them dealing with more than two per day between January 1 and April 12 this year alone. 

Dyed-in-the-wool Democrats certainly won’t enjoy reversing their positions on major social issues, but reality is forcing their hand. 

And the truth about Joe Biden’s border disaster is being felt all across the United States—especially in the bluest communities. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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