Joe Biden won’t be happy about this moment of sanity from Supreme Court justices

There are certain things that Democrats hold truly sacred, like unrestricted abortion on demand without consequence.

But there is one other thing that the far-left holds in almost as high esteem, and they just got a major setback that hit too close to home for President Biden.

And Joe Biden won’t be happy about this moment of sanity from Supreme Court justices.

By hook or by crook, Democrats have tried (often successfully) to bend the election rules their way.

Whether it’s months of early voting, ballot harvesting, unsecured drop boxes, or mailed ballots that allow suburban wino women with multiple masters’ degrees to fill out ballots on behalf of their unsuspecting husbands, Democrats have gamed the system to loosen election laws to their benefit in multiple states.

But now there’s some good news in the unlikeliest of places.

SCODE struck down Democrat-friendly same-day registration and vote by mail

The Delaware Supreme Court issued a full opinion of its decision that struck down same-day voter registration and voting by mail.

Those two policies had previously been approved by Delaware’s Democrat-led state legislature, but First State justices found that both were unconstitutional.

State Democrats pushed a special voting-by-mail bill through 2020 in the early months of the pandemic, using emergency powers.

According to local TV Station WMDT, “The Delaware Supreme Court has issued an opinion that universal mail-in voting and same-day registration violate the constitution. This past summer, the Delaware General Assembly passed a law allowing universal mail-in voting and same-day voter registration. The Public Interest Legal Foundation then filed a lawsuit against the law, alleging that it violated Delaware’s Constitution.”

In issuing its opinion the Court found that the state constitution only lets people vote absentee in specific circumstances.

Also, the Court said that the state constitution sets a deadline for registering to vote.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) President J. Christian Adams said, “This was a monumental victory in the election integrity space. This is the first time a state Supreme Court has invalidated an election statute. This law violated the plain text of the Delaware Constitution. Today’s opinion is a victory for the rule of law in elections.”

Democrats have sought to defend any and all loosening of voting standards with the ferocity of a wounded animal protecting its young.

President Biden falsely claimed that the new Georgia voting law enacted in 2021 ended voting hours early and called it “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”

That we are finally starting to see a rollback of ill-conceived changes to voting standards made during the pandemic scare is welcome news for all who want fair elections and trust in the process.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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