Joe Biden was sent flying into a jealous rage after a Good Samaritan’s story of all things.

Democrat-led disasters ran roughshod over many people’s year in 2022 and the first week of 2023 didn’t see much improvement.

But every once in a while someone steps up to remind you good guys exist even in some of the worst places.

However, this Good Samaritan’s story probably just sent Joe Biden into a jealous rage.

Crime is up across the board in America, there is no way to sugar coat it.

The people who are paying the biggest price are business owners, law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens.

However, a Good Samaritan stepped in after a local favorite was destroyed.

America cannot keep relying on Good Samaritans to combat crime

For Steve Winnick, this time of year is a very tough time for his business.

That is because Steve Winnick owns and operates a Carvel Ice Cream store in Los Angeles, California.

Ice Cream is not exactly what most people want to buy this time of year, so any money he can bring in is vital for his business.

Unfortunately, in the late evening hours of New Years Eve, Steve Winnick’s business was vandalized and robbed.

Winnick immediately went to LA Fox 11 to discuss the robbery. He told Fox 11 that 5 of the 7 windows were smashed and cash was stolen from the cash register. Even more concerning, Winnick had no way of immediately securing the store.

Fortunately for Steve Winnick, Amando Chavez, who works for a local glass company, felt sympathy for him and went to the crime scene to start fixing the windows immediately.

Chavez told Fox 11 that “I feel bad for Steve over here at the Ice Cream place. He’s got a small business here. It’s rough. It’s hard enough living now, and then they break into his place.”

Steve Winnick appropriately rewarded Chavez with all of the ice cream he could possibly eat.

You know ice cream . . . President Joe Biden’s favorite treat.

When a Good Samaritan gets a reward like that, who knows maybe Joe Biden will be inspired to do better in 2023.

But don’t count on him or Democrat-dominated cities like Los Angeles getting much better anytime soon.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, there has been a 12.5 percent uptick in burglary crimes this past year.

In fact, there have been three other unrelated burglaries at the very same shopping center that Steve Winnick’s Ice Cream shop is located in.

Americans need to start fighting back against violent crime

As a direct result of years of Democrat control, small business owners like Steve Winnick are being victimized by the day.

In cities like Los Angeles, Democrats have passed sweeping legislation which practically incentivizes crime.

Policies such as defunding the police, and cashless or low bail has made it nearly impossible to hold repeat offenders accountable.

To make matters worse, weak District Attorneys such as George Gascón have made it their mission to stick up for criminals.

If District Attorneys will not even stand on the side of the law, then law-abiding citizens and business owners do not stand a chance.

Whether that means arming themselves, hiring private security or leaving the area, people now have to rely on themselves if they hope to avoid crime.

Fortunately every now and then a good neighbor like Amando Chavez steps up to start taking matters into their own hands.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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