Joe Biden snub in this top battle ground state has Chuck Schumer on edge

The Democrat Party and their corporate-controlled media machine have defended every nut-bag powergrab and Joe Biden misstep imaginable.

But some things go too far.

Now this Joe Biden snub in a top battle ground state has Chuck Schumer on edge.

It’s actually a little bit comical.

Far-Left Democrats are brazen when it comes to talking about some of the most fringe, head-scratching, oddball ideas you can imagine, but they shy away when they fear their President could bring them down.

Now, one far-Left politician who supports every kooky idea fears that being seen with Biden is a bridge too far.

Mandela Barnes, the Wisconsin Democrat Senate candidate, has seen a lot of press lately.

Unfortunately none of it has been very good, as he’s been caught on video multiple times making crazy claims.

Blaming a “packed schedule” for the snub

Now, he’s blaming a “packed schedule” for his decision to skip President Joe Biden’s appearance in Milwaukee last week, after fleeing from a reporter who questioned him about it.

Biden’s visit was problematic for Barnes, an outspoken leftist and the state’s lieutenant governor.

This is because he has been playing the typical Democrat game (looking at you, Tim Ryan) where he is trying to present a more moderate image NOW, close to election time, as he seeks to win over rural and suburban voters.

The Democrat has avoided being pictured with Biden, whose approval rating in Wisconsin is an abysmal 40 percent.

While speaking with WISN-12, Barnes said, “I’m really grateful for the President’s visit to Milwaukee’s Labor Day festival, but we had a pretty packed schedule.”

Barnes managed to attend the very same Milwaukee event at a different time than Biden, but he said he was in Racine, a neighboring city around 30 minutes away, during Biden’s speech.

The candidate’s (weak) explanation comes after he quickly darted into a car to escape questions from a WISN-12 reporter about the President’s visit.

Barnes ran from local reporter’s questions

The reporter asked Barnes, “Wanna let us know why you didn’t greet the President yesterday in Milwaukee?”

He completely ignored the question and hopped into the back of a black SUV with his security detail nearby.

This isn’t the first time he ran scared from rare uncomfortable questions from a largely compliant press.

In 2019, he blew a gasket after a FOX6 reporter asked him about his failure to pay property taxes.

Barnes said, “This is Juneteenth, and they want to talk about property taxes! The check is in the mail.” before storming off.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) held a press conference outside a Barnes event and accused the Democrat of “hiding from the local press.”

Barnes’ nervous behavior concerning Biden isn’t without merit as recent polling shows the Senate race to be increasingly close.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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