Joe Biden is sputtering for answers after this group of Blue State lawmakers made these odd demands

For years, Democrat lawmakers have declared an all-out war on petroleum and coal. 

These leftists claimed that switching to green energy sources was the only way to avoid a climate catastrophe.

So now Joe Biden is sputtering for answers after this group of Blue State lawmakers make these odd demands.

Democrat lawmakers are starting to realize that the grass is not always greener on the other side 

When it comes to energy policy, Democrats have worked tirelessly to sell America on so-called green energy. 

Although some types of “green energy” sources have their benefits, many also have a number of terrible side effects. 

Democrat lawmakers refused to discuss these side effects when proposing green energy, often going as far to call opponents of their green energy plans “climate deniers”. 

However, now that many of these green energy plans are taking shape, Democrat lawmakers are learning that the grass is not always greener on the other side. 

Last Tuesday, a group of 50 Democrat mayors sent a letter to Congress, decrying the damage that offshore wind turbines are doing to the ecosystem, primarily their impact on whale populations. 

Whale deaths give Democrat Mayor’s cover to pump brakes on unpopular green agenda and offshore wind projects 

The letter read, “Our coastal economies rely on a healthy ocean ecosystem to function, and we are increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts offshore wind may already be affecting our communities.”

It added, “The current level of marine mammal mortality is unacceptable, and we need answers.  In the absence of scientific evidence explaining the increase in marine mortality, we believe the connection between offshore wind activity and marine mammal mortality must be investigated now.”

These demands, which come after years of passing aggressive climate bills in their states and cities, exemplify the importance of analyzing both the pros and cons of a policy before rushing to pass it. 

At the end of the day, this letter is likely nothing more than a desperate attempt by Democrat lawmakers to use the whale deaths to push back against one of their party’s top priorities – a priority which some say has gone off the rails and become unpopular with their voters. 

The Left’s rush to change America’s energy grid is creating chaos 

Although nobody will deny that whale death are a serious concern, it appears as if Democrat lawmakers are using this as a convenient excuse to move away from offshore wind energy. 

Any public policy student will tell you that every public policy proposal should go through a rigorous cost-benefit analysis. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to issues like climate policy, the Left firmly believes in a pass now, reassess later policy, which is proving to be a disaster in many states and communities.  

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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