Joe Biden is rubbing his hands in delight after Democrats’ ban on gas appliances cleared a major hurdle

Left-wing bureaucrats slap Americans with reams of red-tape to toil through every day.

It’s reaching a breaking point as a labyrinth of regulations sold with sweeping claims like saving the planet threatens to totally immobilize everyday lives. 

Now Joe Biden is rubbing his hands in delight after Democrats’ ban on gas appliances cleared a major hurdle.

Whether it is banning household objects, or implementing ridiculous fees and taxes, Americans are fed up with the Left using their climate crusade as an excuse for more government. 

Leftists will not rest until the government controls every aspect of life in America 

Although many on the Left claim that saving the environment is one of their top priorities, what they really mean is bloating the size of the government to control every aspect of Americans’ lives. 

Instead of allowing individuals to make informed decisions for themselves and handle the results, leftists insist that the government knows best. 

For example, just last Tuesday New York State passed a ban on natural gas and other fossil fuels in new buildings, which is the first regulation of its kind in the nation. 

According to the Washington Post, New York State relies heavily on natural Gas, which accounts for roughly 46% of its power grid. 

This ban on natural gas in new buildings is intended to reduce New York’s consumption and dependence of Natural gas, which is collected through the fracking process. 

Fracking is one the most controversial topics in New York State politics, as many on the Left claim that fracking has detrimental impacts on the environment. 

Kathy Hochul and other New York Democrats have not yet explained how they will replace natural gas, or if they plan on harnessing some sort of renewable energy to power the new electric systems in new buildings. 

Nonetheless, this ban is set to take place in 2026 for new buildings taller than 7 stories, and in 2029 for taller buildings. 

New York’s crusade against Natural Gas is more about politics than the economy 

For decades, so-called climate activists have lamented fracking in New York and other states, claiming that fracking causes cataclysmic damage to the environment. 

What these extremists fail to mention is that fracking brings thousands of jobs to the state, and there is little to no proof that fracking is any more dangerous to the environment than other fuel extraction methods. 

The truth is, every time that something goes wrong, leftists demand that the government take action. 

Government infamously causes more problems than it fixes, and regulations such as this one from New York have the potential to kill jobs and increase costs. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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