Joe Biden has a dead whale problem and one Congressman is demanding answers

For the Left, environmentalism has turned into a religion of sorts.

Regardless of what the science says, leftists are bound and determined to stop any and all oil consumption, despite the negative impacts that has on America.

Now Joe Biden has a dead whale problem and one Congressman is demanding answers.

The Left has been completely brainwashed when it comes to modern environmentalism

Most leftists these days are in the grips of a very influential cult, and that cult is so-called environmentalism.

For years, the general public has been lied to about the environment, and many gullible people actually believe that most major cities will be underwater in the foreseeable future.

One way that the Left has lost its mind when it comes to environmentalism is its determination to eliminate oil and gas consumption through the use of green energy.

However, it is a widely known fact at this point that many forms of so-called “green energy” have serious costs and consequences.

This is particularly true when it comes to wind energy which is often produced by massive wind turbines.

Currently, wind turbines are being used off the coast of New Jersey, and as a result, wildlife is dying off in droves.

Whales are dying and offshore wind farms may be to blame

According to Fox News, seven whales have washed up dead in less than two months, and many experts suspect wind turbines could be to blame.

One person who is outraged by these die-offs is Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.

In a press release that was released last Friday., Rep. Van Drew said “Since offshore wind projects were being proposed by Governor Murphy to be built off the coast of New Jersey, I have been adamantly opposed to any activity moving forward until research disclosed the impacts these projects would have on our environment and the impacts on the fishing industry.”

Van Drew added “Ocean life is being put at risk as our Governor and President force through their Green New Deal policies, without giving full consideration to their real-world impacts. We have seen a complete lack of transparency from New Jersey’s leaders, as well as D.C. politicians who are ramming through these projects in order to push their climate agenda.”

But what Van Drew said next is sending shivers down the spines of Democrats everywhere.

Van Drew ended with “Once committees for the 118th Congress are finalized, I will be calling for congressional investigations into the matter. I demand that all offshore wind activity be halted until it is properly determined what the effects of these activities are having on our marine life.”

Van Drew is right to pursue these investigations.

For years the radical left has been peddling these forms of so-called green energy without considering the larger impact.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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