Jen Psaki used two words that one Democrat Senate candidate won’t like to hear

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is no longer a spokesman for Joe Biden.

Now she’s simply an “objective” member of the so-called mainstream media.

But Psaki used two words that one Democrat Senate candidate won’t like to hear.

The Midterms are swiftly approaching, and Republicans are defending a tough Senate map.

However, the GOP still has a chance to eke out a majority and break the current 50-50 tie.

Jen Psaki says Mandela Barnes disconnected from what people in Wisconsin are feeling on crime

And Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is defending his seat against far-left Democrat Mandela Barnes.

Barnes has supported pro-crime policies that are wildly unpopular, and certainly have not endeared him to police officers in the state.

As the Midterms approach, Democrats are running sideways from their radical policies that don’t play well in general elections.

And during a panel discussion on NBC’s Meet the Press, Jen Psaki said that Barnes had a “missed opportunity” to appear tougher on crime.

Psaki said, “[C]rime is an issue that Democrats have to speak to. I think there was a missed opportunity there for Mandela Barnes when he talked about the insurrection. I think that was a little disconnected from what people in Wisconsin are feeling. I mean, crime is up in Milwaukee.”

Violent crime is up in many Democrat strongholds around the country thanks to pro-crime policies and radical anti-police rhetoric that emboldens criminals.

Barnes is having a particularly tough time disassociating from his far-left past.

Out of 72 sheriffs in Wisconsin, only two backed Barnes.

Even left-wing outlets are calling him out for lying about his anti-police stance.

Barnes has tied himself to extreme positions that he cannot easily walk away from

CNN reported that:

“Wisconsin Democratic Senate nominee Mandela Barnes has previously signaled his support for removing police funding and abolishing ICE, according to a review by CNN’s KFile, despite claiming otherwise in a recent ad in which he speaks directly to the camera to defend his record on those issues. ‘Look, we knew the other side would make up lies about me to scare you. Now they’re claiming I want to defund the police and abolish ICE. That’s a lie,’ says Barnes to the camera in a recent 30-second television ad called ‘Truth.’ But a CNN KFile review of Barnes’ social media activity and public comments he made in interview appearances reveal a different and more nuanced picture in which Barnes often signaled his support for such positions. In multiple posts from 2018 uncovered by CNN, Barnes liked tweets that criticized the immigration agency and called to abolish them. He told a group that supported abolishing the institution in 2019 that the ‘wrong ICE’ was melting and attended one of their ‘Abolish ICE’ local rallies.”

Barnes and other Democrats have tied themselves to extreme positions that they cannot easily walk away from.

In fact, reports are that Mandela Barnes is poised to make abortion- until-birth his “closing argument” in the Wisconsin Senate race and he may not be alone.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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