Infuriating west coast video shows Defund the Police failing Hollywood in real-time

Leftist policy poisons everything it touches.

The Woke push to defund the police has had drastic consequences everywhere it’s been tried.

Now an infuriating west coast video shows Defund the Police failing Hollywood in real-time.

New video shows West Hollywood safety ambassadors can’t even act like real cops

In line with a national push, the city of West Hollywood cut funding for police.

As a result, four Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies found themselves out of a job.

They were replaced with unarmed “security ambassadors.”

But a new video shows that these so-called “security ambassadors” are no more a detriment to bad behavior than middle school hall monitors.

A bystander happened to see two men fighting in an apparent road-rage incident in West Hollywood.

It occurred just a few feet away from where two of the city’s security ambassadors were standing.

The footage shows a man a white car stopped in a crosswalk. 

A man kicks the car before the driver opens the door and gets out of the car.

A fight then ensues as two security ambassadors stand on a nearby sidewalk, simply passively watching the events unfold. 

One of the security ambassadors is seen speaking into his walkie-talkie, apparently reporting the confrontation.

Resident: “Having a police officer around makes me feel safer”

Ethan Reynolds of West Hollywood recorded the video and said, “There’s a learning curve. We’ve all learned, in the past couple of years. But having a police officer around makes me feel safer — I know not everyone feels that way.”

After a robbery where three victims had their personal items stolen by suspects armed with a rifle and handguns, West Hollywood Mayor Sepi Shyn defended the security ambassadors program.

According to the Mayor, crime is being solved.

Shyn said, “It’s worked, because crime has gone down. Crime is going to happen. It’s a sad state of the country right now, especially with the lack of gun control and guns rampant everywhere, but we prioritize safety so our city is safe and I want people to know that.”

But one can’t help but wonder whether video of armed officers instead of unarmed security ambassadors might have led to a different scene on video recorded by a passerby.

Shyn’s assertion on crime is technically true but it isn’t the entire story.

Even though the number of robberies in West Hollywood is lower than in previous years, there was a spike after the Defund the Police movement in 2020 and the overall number of robberies is still higher than the 13-year average of 117.

Then again, when the public sees video of the impotence of the police officers’ replacements, there’s no guarantee that the numbers won’t increase even more.

Ultimately, leftists politicians know that citizens will eventually force them to hire more police officers, but that their will also be little push to disband the so-called safety ambassadors.   

Conservatives charge that at the end of the day, these politicians want more patronage positions in government.  

Sadly, it’s no surprise that they’ll jeopardize citizens’ safety and squeeze taxpayers to foot the bill for even more government employees, when in the end the public is no more safe than they were to begin with. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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