Illinois business owners are suing Democrats over their shameless abuse of power

Gas prices have reached record levels all across the country.

This is leaving Democrats on edge, desperate and taking drastic measures as they worry that a tidal wave could sweep them from power in November.

Now Illinois business owners are suing Democrats over their shameless abuse of power.

The Democrat-controlled legislature in Illinois has decided that they’re not suspending their gas tax as has been done in other states, but rather they’re delaying their previous plan to increase it until the end of the year.

But to hear them tell it, they are the party that’s looking out for the working class!

According to the Wall Street Journal, “As part of this year’s budget, Democrats delayed for six months the 2.2-cent-a-gallon gasoline tax increase that was set to take effect in July. In 2019 Democrats doubled the gas tax to 38 cents a gallon and indexed it to inflation.”

So not only is Democrat inflation the reason a cheeseburger costs $9, but now gas prices are skyrocketing in Illinois directly because of the Democrat inflation, in addition to Democrat schemes to punish energy producers, but Illinois Dems want to helpfully remind the folks that for a few more months they can keep some extra chump change.

Democrats also required gas stations to post signs that are “clearly visible” – four by eight inches or larger, with a bold font – reading “As of July 1, 2022, the State of Illinois has suspended the inflation adjustment to the motor fuel tax through December 31, 2022.”

The real kicker is that if a gas station refuses to propagandize for Democrats they will be fined $500 per day.

The Wall Street Journal says, “During a legislative hearing, Democratic state Rep. Michael Zalewski stated the signs would remind ‘pumping Illinoisans that . . . as a result of the work of the General Assembly the cost of living adjustment has not gone into effect’ and that as drivers pump gas, ‘their gaze will fix upon the pump and maybe they’ll read about the good things we did.”

That kind of chutzpah is something that one could marvel at if it wasn’t so tragic to so many everyday people.

The sign requirement has so upset gas station owners enough that some of them have filed a lawsuit asserting that the regulation violates their rights to free speech.

According to the suit, Illinois is forcing the station owners “to choose between making a political statement they do not wish to make to their customers or the general public on behalf of the State of Illinois” or paying fines.

As the Journal points out in their editorial, “The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that government can’t compel corporations to carry political messages with which they disagree. Courts have also ruled that governments can mandate that businesses disclose ostensibly factual information only for limited purposes, such as preventing fraud and protecting public safety. The Illinois law does neither and has no public-interest rationale.”

Exactly right, but all this shows is desperation from a group that knows their hold on power is in serious jeopardy.

Here’s to hoping the gas station owners’ legal action is successful and the Democrats get the smack-down they so richly deserve at the polls.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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