Illegal aliens are actually getting the royal treatment at taxpayers’ expense in one leftist city

Martha’s Vineyard leftists wagged their fingers at Americans fed up with the nation’s ongoing immigration crisis, then promptly gave illegals the boot when they showed up on the island.

But the Illegal aliens pouring over the southern border by the thousands each day are getting a surprising welcome in many places.

But illegals are actually getting the royal treatment in one leftist city.

Illegal immigration is getting out of control, and now leftist cities are feeling the pressure

Over the last couple of years, illegal immigration has gotten out of control.

Granted this has been a problem in America for many years, however, due to Joe Biden’s complete and utter denial of a crisis at the southern border, the problem has only gotten worse.

Many communities near the southern border with Mexico are full to the brim, and red state governors have had enough.

In response, governor Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott have sent bus and plane loads of illegal aliens to leftist hotspots like New York City, Washington, D.C., and even Martha’s Vineyard.

Instead of welcoming these illegal aliens with open arms, these woke “progressives” are screaming bloody murder and resorting to desperate tactics to house these migrants.

One of the most ridiculous measures is coming out of New York City, which has seen a massive influx of illegal aliens from Texas.

In an interview, last Sunday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams claimed that New York City is looking into putting illegal aliens onto cruise ships.

By Monday, The New York Times was reporting that the mayor’s chief of staff was in discussion with Norwegian Cruise Lines about housing illegals.

That may not be Royal Carribean, but it would still set taxpayers back a pretty penny.

That same day according to FOX 5 NY, Mayor Adams stated “We’re not going to leave any stone unturned. And once we finalize our plans, we’re going to announce it,” Adams added “We’re going to continue to live up to our legal and moral obligation, we’re going to announce.”

It still seems Big Apple leftists, like their Martha’s Vineyard counterparts, don’t actually want to welcome illegals in their own neighborhoods.

Get to steerage where you belong you can almost hear them demanding to the illegals they claim to be welcoming.

Nevertheless, most average Americans save up their hard-earned cash for years to afford a cruise, yet these illegals could potentially hop on board without paying a dime.

The policy is not set in stone, and it should be noted that the cruise ships would be docked while the illegals are on board, but nonetheless, this is a ridiculous move to say the very least.

Why Democrats are having such a hard time welcoming illegal aliens

The refusal of the Left to accept and embrace the illegal aliens when they show up in their neighborhoods underscores the gross hypocrisy of their entire worldview.

Leftists pretend to love illegal immigration until it arrives on their own front doorstep, and then it is a humanitarian crisis.

New Yorkers should have thought about this before naming themselves a sanctuary city, which is supposed to protect illegal aliens from deportation by local and state authorities.

The truth is, the Left is very intolerant, and for proof just look at Martha’s Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard, which is supposed to be a sanctuary city, flatly rejected the 50 illegal aliens who were dropped off on the island.

After a day a state of emergency was declared and the illegals were booted off the island in no time.
As you can see there is nothing inclusive or accepting about the Left.

When these hypocrites vote in favor of pro-illegal immigration measures they do not expect the problems that come with illegal immigration to come to their front doorstep, but rather to the front doorstep of Texans and Arizonans.

Hats off to the red state governors who finally exposed the Left for what they are, hypocrites and cowards.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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