Ilhan Omar’s constituents lost it after video showed the festering war zone city has become

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has been promoted as a media darling for years.

But the enchantment may be wearing off.

Now people are fed up with Omar because of the festering war zone her district has become.

Minneapolis Congresswoman Ilhan Omar might be the most radical member of Congress.

She’s a Democratic Socialist with wildly leftist cultural views, and she denigrates America every chance she gets.

And despite easily winning re-election in 2020, she was booed relentlessly at a recent Minneapolis concert for Somali music artist Suldaan Seeraar.

Theories abound as to why Omar got such harsh treatment from the mostly Somali crowd.

Some speculate it was because she divorced her Muslim husband—after she carried on an alleged affair—and quickly married the man in question, former campaign manager Tim Mynett, who is Jewish.

One of Omar’s Republican challengers believes it was because of her embrace of far-Left policies.

Shukri Abdirahman, a fellow Somali refugee and military veteran, explained, “This [is] what she gets for trading her Godly, Conservative values for the sinful LGBTQIA’s & the promiscuous abortionists.”

Congresswoman Omar supported pro-crime policies that led to war zone

But the reason could be even simpler — Omar has supported pro-crime policies that are turning Minneapolis into a war zone.

On Independence Day, people were recorded firing Roman candles at innocent bystanders as they circled city blocks for hours.

Other videos caught the criminals as they lobbed fireworks into residential areas.

Omar, like so many pampered leftists, have insulated themselves from the ramifications of their own ideology.

Omar is protected, so she does not have to bear the brunt of the lawlessness that she promotes.

Omar’s short career has been littered with scandal

In addition to the supposed affair and quickie wedding, Omar seemingly married her own brother in order to flout immigration law and allow him to become a U.S. citizen.

She was also accused of malfeasance regarding campaign finance laws.

But since Omar is a Democrat and a media darling, she gets institutional protection.

However, if her own constituents are turning on her in big numbers, she loses her usefulness for the establishment.

Minneapolis has experienced a rise in crime, even before the George Floyd riots destroyed the city.

Local leadership has done very little to stop it.

Their insane calls to “defund the police,” while maintaining their own private security, blew up in their faces.

Omar and other radical Democrats are finally being forced to own up to the consequences of their radical words and actions.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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