Ilhan Omar is cackling in delight after her party mates introduced this measure affecting working-class Americans

Left-wing politicians bend over backwards to score brownie points with their voter base.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them how extreme the idea or what the actual outcome may be.

So Ilhan Omar is cackling in delight after her party mates introduced this measure affecting working-class Americans.

Everybody likes and needs clean drinking water and fresh air.

But reasonable environmental protections mean something else altogether to many on the Left.

In recent years, Democrats have proposed and passed a slew of ridiculous bills that have no obvious impact on protecting the environment.

Move over gas stoves

Earlier this year, Joe Biden and his Democrat cronies even floated the idea of banning gas stoves, just to name one proposal.

But that’s apparently not far enough for some Democrats in Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) state.

State Reps. Jerry Newton and Heather Edelson proposed legislation in the Minnesota House that would ban the use of most appliances and yard equipment that are not electrically powered.

This reportedly includes leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and anything else that may have a gas-powered engine on it – even the Zamboni machines used to smooth out the ice in hockey rinks.

Following the bill’s proposal, Minnesota House Speaker Melissa Horton told Alpha News that “DFLers are committed to taking action on climate – unchecked climate pollution threatens Minnesota’s future. Now is the time to take bold action and ensure Minnesotans have the healthy climate and clean energy future they deserve.”

What Speaker Horton failed to mention was the high cost that such an ambitious project will bring to millions of working-class Minnesotans.

That’s not to mention the fact that the electric grid would be forced to take on more usage than at any time in the state’s history if this bill is approved.

Just last year, California came face to face with what a problem that could be when Californians were told by Gavin Newsom to buy electric cars, only to be told days later to not charge them when the power grid failed.

It’s unclear how Minnesota Democrats plan to avoid similar problems in Minnesota.

Unless it’s nuclear, electric power requires massive amounts of coal or disruption of natural environments through dams to implement.

Measures like this one are often ways for Democrats to feel better about themselves while ignoring the economic harm they will have on blue-collar and lower income Americans’ lives.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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