Ilhan Omar leveled an infuriating charge about Tucker Carlson and police 

When someone on the far-left makes a serious accusation it’s helpful to consider what the accuser might be hiding.

In many instances, just like this one, it’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

And Ilhan Omar just leveled an infuriating charge about Tucker Carlson and police.

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has a history of making hateful comments.

Omar, in fact, was removed from the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee because of those very comments.

She was removed from the Committee after Republicans took control of the lower House of Congress because of past statements she has made related to Israel that were criticized by members of both parties as antisemitic.

Given these facts you might think she’d be more careful in leveling accusations of “hate” against others, but you’d be wrong.

Is the Queen of hate looking for her king?

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “All In,” Omar called former Fox News host Tucker Carlson the “king of hate.”

Guest host Mehdi Hasan said, “Of course, this Islamophobia, the racism, the bigotry, does not come out of nowhere. There are people who incited and there are people who push it and promoted. I’m thinking of a certain media network who just got rid of their top rated cable host, Tucker Carlson. As I pointed out on my show on Sunday, We don’t know why he was fired. But we do know that he was not fired for the racism that he pushed on his show, week after week. They were fine with that. And in fact, you ended up being one of his targets a lot of the time. I’ve got to ask you, Congresswoman, what was the impact on you, on your family, on your safety, on your security, when Tucker Carlson targeted you in that way in front of millions of viewers?”

Omar replied, “Omar said, “Yeah Tucker was the king of hate. And he loved fear mongering and picking on immigrants and Muslims in many cases. This was a man who, obviously, trafficked in replacement theory. He was a man who was named in many of the manifesto’s of mass shooters that specifically targeted Muslims.”

There’s a lot to unpack here from someone kicked off her committee for being hateful now calling someone else, “king of hate.”

The “replacement theory” was actually initially touted by Democrats during the Obama years.

The theory held that Republicans would become less competitive in future elections due to demographic change, but the Democrats initially making that claim didn’t count on their party’s lurch to the far left, setting into motion a rightward tilt of the Hispanic vote.

Additionally, if we are going to castigate anyone whose name was invoked by a crazy person, there are plenty of juicy targets that would embarrass the left.

Omar likes the cops even less than she likes Tucker

But her beef isn’t limited to Tucker.

The Congresswoman also condemned the United States’ failure to curb police violence, saying that brutality against Black Americans had escalated since George Floyd’s murder.

Omar said, “Regardless of the heightened scrutiny and spotlight on state-sanctioned violence on to black bodies, it still continues to happen at the same rate, if not higher. We are not in a good place.”

The facts simply don’t bear that out, and in fact it is criminal coddling policies that Omar and her ilk prefer that have led to skyrocketing crime rates in nearly every large U.S. city in recent years, particularly in minority neighborhoods that need the protection of law enforcement the most.

Omar and those who share her worldview can complain about talk show hosts and cops all they like, but if they really want to help the most at-risk, it would be far more beneficial for them to look inward and reassess the policies they’ve pushed for decades.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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