How illegal aliens are getting treated not far from Martha’s Vineyard will have smoke curling out of your ears

Bidenflation is putting American citizens in the poorhouse.

But it’s something else entirely for illegal immigrants.

And how Democrats are treating illegal aliens not far from Martha’s Vineyard will have smoke curling out of your ears.

The American Dream is farther out of reach than ever before for citizens facing skyrocketing housing, medical, and food costs.

But for people who literally broke the law the minute they stepped into the United States, things are looking pretty cushy.

New tent shelters are opening up on New York’s Randall’s Island—and they’re outfitted like the occupants are VIPs.

Taxpayer-funded big screen TVs and Xbox 360 systems greet illegal immigrants in luxury intake center

The center for single men includes cots for 500 men, laundry facilities, a cafeteria, phones, and entertainment centers.

You read that right, men who forced their way into this country illegally are now living rent-free in a brand-new facility stocked with big screen TVs and Xbox 360 systems.

Not only will the men get a free ride—they’re even getting catered to with a taste likely way beyond home.

According to FOX News, “South American fare would be provided, with three meals a day, and that snacks, coffee and tea will be available 24/7.”

The station says “there will also reportedly be 24/7 security and a 10 p.m. ET curfew, with buses running at least every hour from the location.”

Meanwhile, families of illegal aliens with children are being put up in hotels.

As a so-called “sanctuary city” the Big Apple is going to have a hard time maintaining this level of service considering that more than 18,000 illegal aliens have arrived since this spring.

Meanwhile, following the city’s draconian pandemic shut down policies, New Yorkers who actually paid taxes have been fleeing.

City leaders have been trying to play it cool, but the situation is serious enough that Mayor Eric Adams has been running ads in Florida trying to recruit more families to move to NYC.

Meanwhile, leftist activists who apparently think there are always going to be rich people in the world to fund their every whim, are griping about the city sending the illegals to Randall’s Island fearing it’s too “remote” and they won’t get enough “services.”

Pretty sure if they could cross thousands of miles of rugged territory though lands controlled by violent cartels to get to the southern border crossing, they’ll survive a 15-minute ferry ride.

The stupidity is so awful it’s infuriating.

But there’s one bright spot in the whole mess—at the rate things are going it’s likely average voters are going to get fed up with Democrats’ antics forcing the party to either change or get way smaller.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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