Hollywood elitists lost their minds in excitement as Stacey Abrams announced another run for Georgia Governor

Hollywood loves to throw their weight around pushing far-left and socialist candidates whenever they get the chance.

They have been on the hunt for their next political project to ram down our throats and it looks like we can all prepare for Stacey Abrams to be the next chosen one.

And Hollywood elitists lost their minds in excitement as Stacey Abrams announced another run for Georgia Governor.

It’s a sad day for America when you can’t tell much difference between Washington, D.C. and Hollywood.

Both are filled with morons and elitists who think they know what is best for your family.

And they are willing to do anything in their power to ram their beliefs down your throat.

So it shouldn’t be shocking that the Democrat machine really starts to grind when you get Hollywood and Washington, D.C. working together.

And it looks like we can all see who their next pet project will be over the next year that they try to ram down our throats.

Stacey Abrams checks all the boxes that the Hollywood elitists want in a candidate.

Abrams is black, does whatever the hell they demand of her, and she has the cognitive ability that would make Joe Biden look like a God gifted genius.

And she just announced that she was running for Governor of Georgia again on Twitter.

The leftists in Hollywood just about broke their wrists tweeting out in excitement their support for her to ram their agenda down the throat of Georgia.

The Blue Checkmarks of Hollywood just all lit up Twitter in one big wave of support for Abrams.

Hopefully the once great state of Georgia isn’t far enough gone to support someone like Abrams for Governor.

She already lost once, though refused to concede the last election, something the Fake News Media would label tantamount to treason if a Republican did it.

If she won Georgia she would make Obama look like Donald Trump as she aligns so far to the Left that even Stalin would blush listening to her talking points.

Time will tell to see how the election turns out but for Georgia’s sake let’s hope she loses again.


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