Hollywood actress Denise Richards was involved in one terrifying incident that proves crime is out of control

Violent crime is on the rise in deep-blue cities across the country.

Los Angeles has been hit especially hard.

And Hollywood actress Denise Richards was involved in one terrifying incident that proves crime is out of control.

Pro-crime policies are ruining Los Angeles and other metropolises run by the Democrats.

Follow-home robberies from high-end shops have become commonplace, and even liberals in Beverly Hills are buying guns.

Despite the crime and the homelessness, city residents elected Communist-sympathizing mayoral candidate Karen Bass over moderate candidate Rick Caruso, who recently changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Now actress and reality TV star Denise Richards suffered one horrific incident that signals the trajectory of the city.

Denise Richards shot at while driving in Los Angeles

The actress and her husband were shot at during a road rage incident, and thankfully they were both uninjured.

TMZ reported that “Denise Richards was in a life-threatening situation Monday, when a road rage incident erupted in gunfire. Denise was headed to Popsicle Studio L.A. Monday — with her husband, Aaron, in the driver’s seat. We’re told Aaron was having a tough time finding the place, and the driver behind them was getting irritated, shouting at them while trying to squeeze in front of them. Aaron let the guy pass, but the other driver wasn’t done … he shot at the truck, hitting the back end on the driver’s side. Fortunately, no one was injured. Denise was unnerved, sobbing as she arrived on set. Someone from production saw the bullet hole on the truck and called 911. It’s unclear if cops came or took a report. Denise powered through the emotions of it all and worked for 12 hours … Aaron stayed with her the whole time. When she was ready to leave, an off-duty cop who was on set escorted Denise and Aaron back to the freeway, where they made their way home.”

Richards’s representative Jill Fritzo confirmed the story.

Richards is not the only celebrity who has been a victim of violent crime.

Richards’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star Dorit Kemsley was the victim of a home invasion robbery.

Sadly, this is what Los Angeles has morphed into.

Leftist District Attorney George Gascón, who has been bankrolled by George Soros, is making life hell for Angelenos with his terrible policies.

Gascón survived a recall election, although not without controversy as thousands of signatures on the recall initiative were disqualified at the last minute, dropping the effort below the threshold to oust him.

That came despite Los Angeles having turned away virtually zero ballots during the 2020 elections.

Gascón has even developed a positive reputation…amongst convicts.

When it looked as if the recall effort was going to succeed, defense attorneys were instructing their clients to take deals before Gascón was thrown out of office.

Luis Angel Hernandez, who was convicted of murdering a delivery driver, got recorded on a prison phone singing Gascón’s praises for his lenient approach to violent crime.

Hernandez gloated, “I’m going to get that n****’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there…F***ing Gascon…That’s the n**** right there, bro. He’s making historic changes for all of us, bro.”

Los Angeles has devolved so much that residents were willing to vote for a secret Republican, but there are still too many people stuck in the left-wing bubble.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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