Gun grabbers in this blue state just enacted one law for the most infuriating reason

Democrats are looking for any and every way to roll back gun rights and often openly say their objective is to abolish the Second Amendment.

But the reason this gun-grabbing state’s governor gave for one new law is utterly criminal.

Because gun grabbers in this blue state just enacted a law for the most infuriating reason.

California is rapidly untethering from reality.

Democrats enjoy a supermajority in the state legislature, which allows them to pass all sorts of goofy laws.

Now California is allowing for residents to sue gun manufacturers, a move that New York has already made.

California ‘lawfare’ assault on Second Amendment goes into effect

The Los Angeles Times reported that “[o]ne of the strangest pieces of legislation ever enacted in California took effect Jan. 1, giving state residents and visitors the same power to threaten the gun industry that Texans now wield over abortion providers. Even backers of the law say this isn’t an entirely good thing. SB 1327 authorizes anyone other than state or local government officials to sue people who violate the state’s laws against the manufacture, distribution or sale of assault weapons, ghost guns and other banned firearms. Lawsuits could also be brought against gun dealers who violate the state’s law against selling or transferring weapons (besides hunting rifles) to anyone under 21 years old. Supporters say this ‘private right of action’ will make the state’s tough gun-control measures more effective by enlisting an army of grass-roots enforcers. And by barring state and local governments from filing SB 1327 lawsuits, they hope to make the law harder to challenge in court.”

Anti-gun legislation was Newsom’s response to Texas abortion law

Essentially, California Governor Gavin Newsom pushed for the legislation in response to Texas’s abortion law, which is a completely separate issue.

Newsom is desperate to raise his national profile so he can run for president down the road, perhaps even in 2024.

The L.A. Times added that “Gov. Gavin Newsom sought the measure as a response to Texas’ SB 8, which empowers ‘any person’ to sue those who perform or knowingly aid an abortion in that state after the fetus shows signs of cardiac activity. When the Supreme Court refused to throw out SB 8, Newsom (who sharply criticized it) called for California to use it as a model for a novel approach to gun control.”

The lawsuit is largely pointless because licensed firearm dealers know gun laws inside and out—they have to—and they are not going to violate them for an illegal gun sale.

People who are selling guns illegally will not be dissuaded by this law at all.

Newsom wanted a gesture to polish his résumé, but his presidential hopes won’t go far if he can’t convince people to stop fleeing from his state.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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