Greg Abbott laughed when this Democrat Governor just got shut down by his own party

Democrats have spent the past two years pretending Joe Biden is a competent leader of the free world.

But now they’ve painted themselves into a corner.

And one Democrat Governor is reaching for the lamest excuse to blame after he got shut down by his own party.

Democrats talk a big game when it comes to letting any illegal under the sun stroll across the border.

But when it comes to dealing with the ramifications of rampant illegal immigration it turns out big shot Democrat mayors and governors have zero interest in dealing with even a fraction of what they’ve forced on relatively small, rural border towns.

In spite of billing themselves as sanctuary cities, the mayors of New York City and Chicago were incensed when Republican governors started bussing illegal aliens over to take advantage of their pretended generosity.

But it turns out—as the Republican governors correctly divined—the leftists have zero interest in making good on their promises.

Bussing-backing Democrat Governor just caught an absolute drubbing from his own party

In fact, they immediately started whining, complaining, and asking for federal taxpayer money to care for illegal aliens like they’re VIP guests instead of blatant law breakers.

But in one incredibly entertaining twist, one blue state governor decided to pull the same stunt as his Republican counterparts and started bussing illegals who ended up in his state to New York City and Chicago.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, a Democrat, justified his move to pass off illegal aliens like hot potatoes by pointing out that he’s just being helpful.

“Seventy percent of the migrants arriving in Denver don’t have Colorado as a final destination,” Polis claimed.

Of course, that’s exactly what Republican governors have been doing as well.

Democrat pulls the plug on his Greg Abbott-style bussing program

Apparently, Polis thought that having a “D” behind his name would allow him to get away with it, but that didn’t work.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued an “open letter” to Polis in an attempt to shut him down.

“Continuing to bus asylum seekers to Chicago and New York City would only exacerbate the challenges the two cities currently face and would also further victimize these mostly vulnerable individuals,” Adams and Lightfoot claimed.

They didn’t bother to explain how having to find their own way to the so-called sanctuary cities would avoid “victimizing” the illegals.

But Polis took the hint and, with a lame excuse about the weather, shut down his state’s bussing efforts.

The truth is that a country already mired in debt with sky-high inflation and a tanking economy can’t afford to care for millions of illegal aliens in a manner they would like to grow accustomed to—no matter whether a delusional Joe Biden decrees it or not.

That would be the case no matter what the economy’s doing, who’s in control in Washington, D.C. or what state the illegals ultimately end up in.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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