Greg Abbott and Eric Adams’ feud is about to break the thermometer because of this one failed promise

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made smoke curl from blue state politicians’ ears like nothing else in recent months.

He’s just getting started putting their own failed woke policies to work against them.

And now the NYC Mayor’s feud with Texas’ Governor is about to break the thermometer because of one failed promise.

One reason why many liberals, especially those in the Northeast, support illegal immigration is that it marginally affects their daily lives, or so they think.

If all of the immigrants flood Texas school systems, then why should they be concerned?

Well, Greg Abbott is making New Yorkers think twice about this failed woke policy.

New York is beginning to pay the price for their far-Left agenda

Several years ago, New York City became a sanctuary city, which means that illegal aliens can enter and live in the city without fear of prosecution.

New York is one of many cities and states that have passed bills like this, which makes the job of federal border law enforcement an absolute nightmare.

These laws have caused millions of illegal aliens to flood the border and turn quiet border towns into crisis centers.

This has made the lives of the people of Texas much more difficult and has barely affected those all the way up in New York City.

However, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has made it his mission to give New Yorkers a taste of their own medicine.

Over the last several months, Abbott has bussed somewhere around six thousand illegal aliens to the Big Apple, given New York City’s acceptance of illegal immigration.

Despite being a sanctuary city, New York City is not happy about this influx of migrants.

New York City mayor Eric Adams has voiced his outrage over this policy and says the city is overwhelmed with trying to house these people and educate their children.

In fact, Big Apple officials have reneged on their plans to welcome the illegals The New York Post reported.

“Overwhelmed city officials are struggling to provide a promised intake center and hotel rooms to migrants being shipped by the busload from Texas to the Big Apple,” The Post report stated.

Turns out that New York is not so accepting when these illegal aliens are actually on their front doorstep.

The City’s Department of Homeless Services acknowledged to The Post that it has abandoned its initial plan to operate an intake and processing center dedicated to the recent arrivals alongside a 600-room shelter at the ROW NYC hotel on Eighth Avenue in Midtown,” the report continued.

This proves that measures such as the one that designated New York City as a sanctuary city were never intended to actually help anybody, but rather make liberals feel better about themselves.

This is very common when it comes to leftist public policy initiatives. As long as liberals feel like they are making a difference then that is all that matters to them.

Nobody should feel bad about the strain New York is feeling from mass migration

After years of claiming to be on the side of illegal aliens, New Yorkers should be rejoicing in the fact that so many illegals are being sent their way, however that is obviously not the case.

This pushback from New York highlights the hypocrisy of liberals and liberal policies like sanctuary cities.

Everything is fine and dandy until illegals are on their doorsteps, and then something needs to be done about it.

Greg Abbott is very smart to send these busloads of illegals up to New York, because it is causing their entire agenda to unravel.

Either they stop taking in all of these illegal aliens, which will undoubtedly lead to a major backlash from the woke Left, or they keep taking them in and their society disintegrates.

No matter which way you look at it, this is a lose/lose situation for New York City, Eric Adams and the far-Left Democrat Party.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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