Governor Newsom is releasing a murderer who buried a disabled man alive

Prison reform has been one of the Left’s main objectives for years.

But as a result countless hardened criminals are now roaming the streets after being let out of prison.

And now Governor Newsom is releasing a murderer who buried a disabled man alive.

The Left has taken a sharp turn on criminal justice and protecting America’s neighborhood.

They were all for the War on Drugs and efforts to strengthen the justice system.

But lately leftist politicians have shown that they could care less about protecting Americans from criminals.

They were silent while cities across America went up in flames due to Black Lives Matter rioting and looting.

In fact, they encouraged it.

But that isn’t the only thing the Left has embraced to make our streets less safe.

They are now all for freeing criminals out of prison through criminal justice reform.

And Governor Newsom of California just showed the world how radical they are about their objective to clean out the prison cells.

Recently, David Weidert was granted parole by the California parole board.

Why does this matter?

Back in 1980, Weidert committed one of the most gruesome murders central California had ever seen.

According to the Associated Press, Weidert brutally beat a disabled man, Michael Morganti, to the point where he couldn’t walk before making him dig his own grave.

Once Morganti was finished Weidert buried the sobbing disabled man alive.

In Morganti’s autopsy, they found dirt in his lungs proving that he was still alive when Weidert buried him.

But to Newsom this wasn’t enough to deny his parole.

Governor Newsom has the ability to override the parole board’s decision but when his office was asked about why such action was never taken they claimed that it was, “determined that he does not pose a current unreasonable risk to public safety.”

If they will let out Weidert on our streets again then who is next?


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