Gisele and John Fetterman’s ascension emboldened this PA left-wing radical’s despicable plan for children

Democrats like to claim that they are the party of science, however, almost nothing they believe in has any basis in fact or reality.

This is especially true when it comes to transgender issues, which almost always seem to spit in the face of science.

Now Gisele and John Fetterman’s ascension has emboldened this PA left-wing radical’s despicable plan for children.

In recent years, the Left has completely divorced themselves of what a “healthy” reality is.

For example, Senator John Fetterman’s (D-PA) wife Gisele thought it would be “healthy” for him to continue running for office in 2022 after he suffered a clearly debilitating stroke last May.

Democrats in the state agreed.

And of course, there’s their whole pandemic hysteria – which is still ongoing for many.

But nothing speaks to the Left’s delusions on health like the obsession they’ve developed with transgenderism and changing millennia-old definitions of gender and sex.

The Left is now devoted to brainwashing and grooming children from a young age on these heavy topics.

To make matters even worse, there are throngs of high-profile doctors and educators who are going along with this insanity.

The Left’s obsession with transitioning children is both disgusting and horrific

A children’s hospital in Senator Fetterman’s home state is facing new outrage over a health “navigator’s” statements on a proposed organ harvesting program.

The University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital came under fire after a video was leaked from a conference held last May.

The conference was about “Fertility in the LGBTQIA+ community” and was led by Alicyn Simpson, who works in the hospital’s so-called Pediatric Gender and Sexual Development Program.

The seminar given by Simpson was loaded with diabolic notions, including claims that trans men “assigned female at birth” should be given female reproductive parts from organ donors in order to feel more feminine.

More specifically, Simpson claimed that “Well I have these parts, but I don’t want them. You want them, you need them. So what if I gave them to you? How would that work?’ And apparently, based on their research this is actually viable.”

These comments have unleashed a firestorm from people and parents who do not think it is appropriate for a so-called children’s health specialist to discuss such matters.

The very concept of pushing children into horrific gender mutilations and giving their organs for cosmetic organ transplants is hard to describe as anything but evil.

In response to the seminar, The American Life League tweeted out “The uterus is not an accessory one swaps out like a handbag. Non-paired/paired organs can be transplanted because these are 1:1. The physiological differences in male/female reproductive anatomy make the transplantation of functioning, reproductive organs impossible.”

These claims from the American Life League are nothing radical, and only a few years ago they would have been viewed as basic scientific facts.

At the end of the day, freaks like Alicyn Simpson belong in a jail cell.

What Simpson is pursuing is not medicine, but rather it is butchery, plain and simple.

Telling people that their body dysmorphia can be fixed with a life-altering and permanent surgery is dubious and evil, especially when children are involved.

There couldn’t be anything more unhealthy.

But it’s not surprising that this is being pushed by a radical in the state that evidently thought John Fetterman was “healthy” enough to go to Washington, D.C. and represent them.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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