George Soros kicked himself for spending too little in Vegas after this DA’s fast move against one Democrat

Democrats are soft on crime as a general rule.

It got way worse once the Democrat Party and leftist financier George Soros began piling money into electing local prosecutors.

But now they’re kicking themselves for spending too little in one Vegas race after this DA’s fast move against a powerful Democrat.

Democrats have made silencing those who embarrass them or threaten their power a standard operating procedure, at least as far back as the Russiagate hoax.

Since then Americans have seen how far they’ll go between Big Tech censorship, the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid on Donald Trump’s home, to now even investigating Ron DeSantis, claiming he kidnapped illegal aliens because he gave them a free trip to a leftist neighborhood.

One blue state Democrat official took it to a whole new level

Clark County, Nevada public administrator Robert Telles (D) allegedly stabbed a renowned local journalist to death who had been investigating him.

Now, a Las Vegas area Democrat District Attorney has not only charged Telles with the September 2 murder, he’s also filed a lawsuit in civil court to have him removed from his job of handling the assets of people who die without wills.

It’s no secret that as a general rule, Democrats take a soft on crime approach to law enforcement.

And with Democrats in the midst of a close Midterm election cycle, the Party would love to keep it hush-hush and put off prosecution until after November.

The Democrats’ media pals at the Associated Press knew to conveniently not say that Telles is a Democrat, when news broke about him being a suspect.

So it comes as a surprise that District Attorney Steve Wolfson – a Democrat – is moving with lightning speed on multiple fronts against his fellow Party member instead of slow-walking it.

Wolfson said, “We are alleging that he is neglectful in his duties as the public administrator. We’re seeking an order from the court of his removal from office.”

Dan Kulin is Clark County spokesman and says, “D.A. Wolfson has set the process in motion. The next step would be for the court to take action and declare that Robert Telles has neglected to perform the official duties of the office and to remove him. Upon the Court’s order, Clark County would be able to formally appoint his replacement until voters elect a new Public Administrator this November.”

Telles has been held without bail since his arrest Sept. 7 for the alleged murder of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German.

A District Attorney not in George Soros’ pocket

So apparently, in this particular instance, a Democrat local official charged with a vicious crime is seeing the wheels of justice turn pretty quickly, aided by a Democrat District Attorney in a Democrat-dominated county.

One could be forgiven if this seems far from keeping with what’s going on elsewhere across the country.

In 2020 as violent and destructive riots raged across the country, Democrats called to defund the police.

In New York, Chicago and various large blue cities nationwide, crime rates are skyrocketing as far-Left, George Soros-funded prosecutors eliminate cash bail and coddle criminals, in many cases excusing their behavior.

But not here. Not in this case. Why?

Perhaps because George Soros and the far-Left Democrats didn’t throw enough money into a 2018 primary battle for the Clark County District Attorney.

360 News Las Vegas, reported back May 2018 that Soros had piled “some $500,000 into the Clark County DA’s race supporting former ACLU Lawyer Robert Langford in his efforts to unseat the current inhabitant of that office, DA Steve Wolfson.”

At the time, 360 News Las Vegas reported “A local Republican activist we spoke with said ‘If Soros is trying to unseat Wolfson then I’m supporting Wolfson, period. We need to donate and walk, anything to stop Soros and Langford.’”

With two very important elections coming up in Nevada this fall in the form of highly-competitive U.S. Senate and Gubernatorial races, Soros may be kicking himself now for not flowing more money to Wolfson’s far-Left opponent when the incumbent Democrat Wofson drew voters from across the aisle.

If a judge does not strip Telles of his position, he is entitled to continue raking in his $120,000 a year salary, with another $50,000 in benefits, until his term is up Dec. 31, 2022.

He was assigned a court-appointed attorney Tuesday at his arraignment on one count of murder with use of a deadly weapon on a victim 60 years of age or older and did not enter a plea.

Here’s to hoping that if guilty, Telles gets the book thrown at him.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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