George Soros is doubling down on one destructive plan for America

The radicals have seized control of the Democrat Party.

And many of the center-left liberals are clueless.

Now George Soros is doubling down on one destructive plan for America.

Globalist billionaire George Soros is continuing with his plan to bankroll far-left prosecutors around the country.

The results are horrifying.

Crime is up, criminals are emboldened, and law-abiding citizens are being cowed into silence.

Jason Johnson of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund (LELDF) explained, “Soros is using that campaign money and the hundreds of millions more for supporting organizations to quietly transform the criminal justice system for the worse, promoting dangerous policies and anti-police narratives to advance his radical agenda . . . Over the past decade, George Soros has spent $40 million to elect 75 of his chosen prosecutors. In campaigns from Houston and Los Angeles to Philadelphia and Orlando, Soros was the campaign’s biggest spender by far — as much as 90% of the dollars spent in some races. Soros isn’t done yet — he’s already spent another million so far this year on his hand-picked district attorneys.”

Soros’ hand-picked candidates have added chaos to their cities.

In Philadelphia, District Attorney Larry Krasner has overseen the bloodiest years in the city’s recent history.

In Chicago, Kim Foxx gave hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett a slap on the wrist before others intervened.

St. Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner tried to send the McCloskeys up the river after they defended their home against far-left rioters.

Suffolk County prosecutor Rachael Rollins falsely accused a woman of racism after a traffic incident, then accused reporters of racism when they tried to question her.

Joe Biden later tapped her for an appointment to U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts.

And two of Soros’ picks in California were some of the worst of all.

Los Angeles prosecutor George Gascón is so hated, even progressives are in favor of a recall.

But he’s quite popular among criminals.

Luis Angel Hernandez, a convicted murder who killed a delivery driver, praised Gascón during a recorded prison phone conversation.

Hernandez said, “I’m going to get that n****’s name on my face. That’s a champ right there . . . F***ing Gascón . . . That’s the n**** right there, bro. He’s making historic changes for all of us, bro.”

Gascón ran for DA in Los Angeles after losing out to a candidate even further to his Left in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin.

Boudin, whose parents and adoptive parents were Weather Underground domestic terrorists, was recalled by San Francisco residents who are sick and tired of his social experiment that has allowed criminals to roam free.

George Soros’ tactic of supporting far-left DAs has been an abomination, and he’s not finished yet.

However, when residents know that Soros is backing a candidate, that candidate is less likely to win.

That’s how one Soros puppet was defeated in San Diego.

It’s important to keep an eye on exactly who’s running in local elections and perhaps more importantly, who’s backing them.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 



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