George Gascón is dead-set on getting his pal George Soros a win in one disturbing case

When it comes to crime, America is seeing a surge unlike ever before in recent memory. 

This is especially true in most major cities, where liberal politics are turning these metropolises into hell pits. 

Just look at George Gascón’s hellish campaign to get his pal George Soros a win in this disturbing case. 

As it stands, America is engulfed in a crime crisis the likes of which this nation has not seen in many years. 

And no community is exempt from this crime wave, although major cities are seeing the brunt of it. 

One city that has seen a particularly nasty rise in crime is the metropolis of Los Angeles, California.

Following the death of George Floyd in 2020, riots broke out like wildfire, but this time the riots did not happen in Watts and Compton. Instead, the riots broke out in nice areas such as Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive.  

The city is a complete hell hole now, and there is no such thing as a “good side of town” in Los Angeles. 

Instead of getting a grip on this lawlessness, the city of Los Angeles slashed the LAPD budget. 

On top of that, the people of Los Angeles elected a man named George Gascón to be their District Attorney. 

Gascón was funded by far-Left mega-donor George Soros.

And he has done everything he can to prove he’s following Soros’ marching orders and make it very clear that he is on the side of criminals. 

In his latest pro-crime act, Gascón has announced that he is pursuing plans to reduce the sentence of Raymond Oscar Butler, a man who was sentenced to death for slaughtering two innocent college students in a carjacking back in 1994. 

“In a 264-page resentencing recommendation filed earlier this month in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Gascón said Raymond Oscar Butler, who was 18 when he killed Takuma Ito and Go Matsuura, should instead be resentenced,” The Los Angeles Daily News reported Wednesday.

Such disregard for public safety by the District Attorney’s office is a prime reason why Los Angeles is so dangerous these days. 

Criminals know that they can do whatever the hell they want because pro-crime prosecutors will have their back. 

However, some people in Los Angeles are not so excited about Gascón’s pro-crime stance. 

A growing group of City of Angels voters are working hard to recall Gascón over his pro-crime record.

Not so long ago many would have considered such an effort a fool’s errand.

But people have truly had enough of being victimized and watching their cities turn to hell.

In notoriously left-wing San Francisco, voters recently recalled their pro-crime, Soros-backed District Attorney, Chesa Boudin. 

If it can happen in San Francisco, it can happen anywhere, and Gascón is well aware of this. 

That is likely why many of his advisors have departed, and many view this move to reduce the sentence of this death row inmate as the move of a man who knows is days in office are numbered. 

It is very obvious at this point that Gascón does not give a flip about Los Angeles or what its citizens think. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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