Gavin Newsom’s dirty pre-election trick fell short but achieved the Democrat’s goal

Democrats could see they’ve been quickly falling out of favor with the American public.

As a result, politicians increased their reliance on costly and desperate measures to keep power.

But one Gavin Newsom dirty pre-election trick looks to have fallen short.

Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom is widely regarded as one of the most corrupt politicians in California history.

Newsom wins second term despite dirty pre-election trick reportedly falling short

After shutting society down for years as well as passing policies that ruined Donald Trump’s robust economy and increased crime, citizens seemed fed up.

In California, Newsom and the Democrats devised a plan to win over disgruntled voters with cold hard cash.

They promised millions of Californians tax “refunds” amounting to anywhere from $200 to $1500, and misnamed the wealth transfer “Middle-Class Tax Relief.”

Payments started over a month ago on October 7, 2022 – conveniently one month before Election Day – but many taxpayers are claiming that they never received such payment KTLA reported.

And this is not just a few people, but rather millions upon millions of taxpayers who are still waiting to get some of their hard-earned tax dollars back.

Many are wondering if they will get any money at all.

The truth is, these payments are just a small fraction of what the average California taxpayer pays in a year.

Nevertheless, Politico reported “Gavin Newsom sailed to reelection Tuesday night, easily defeating Republican state Sen. Brian Dahle in an outcome seen as so inevitable that he barely campaigned for reelection.”

Californians have been ripped off by Democrats for decades, and it is fair to say that their hard-earned tax dollars have been completely wasted.

After ripping off taxpayers for decades, Democrats have only increased crime, crippling debt, and one failed infrastructure after another (i.e. the massively failed rail project) to show for it.

Why dirty tactics like this are so popular with Democrats

Over the years, Democrats have ignored the problem of sky-high, punishing taxes until big elections come around.

The people of California deserve much better than this.

Californians have been extorted with crippling taxes, and to make matters worse, Gavin Newsom and California Democrats have absolutely nothing to show for it.

Just about every measurable aspect of life in the Golden State is worse off as a result of Democrat rule.

Lowering taxes, and improving financial responsibility must be a priority in Sacramento.

Instead, Gavin Newsom and his fellow Democrats have made it very clear that their priority is ruining the state of California, all at taxpayer expense.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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