Gavin Newsom targeted women with this sick crusade – and what he wants them to do will turn your stomach

Democrats are full of so many unethical, horrifying ideas it’s mind boggling.

Now California Governor Gavin Newsom is using taxpayer money to push one sick crusade.

And what he’s trying to get women to do will turn your stomach.

Gavin Newsom has apparently made it his personal mission to make killing an unborn baby as easy as possible.

The leftist governor popped up on Twitter this week with his “oh, so concerned” expression on telling women that “abortion remains legal and protected in California.”

Baby-killing abortion tourism

It’s all part of a sick campaign pushing a new website Newsom’s administration just launched to provide a one-stop shop for out of staters looking to get an abortion.

Unlike every other facet of our lives being controlled by leftists, Newsom promises that the site “does not track you or your personal information.”

In reality, he’s probably desperate to draw more people into the state after wave after wave of conservatives have fled the state thanks to his ridiculous and oppressive policies.

After pushing everything from forcing churches to shut down to requiring kindergarteners to get an experimental vaccine, more than 300,000 people left in “The California Exodus.”

The impossible business climate and totalitarian pandemic shut down also fueled a mass exodus with tech giants like Tesla moving their headquarters to Austin, TX.

In 2020, 62 businesses moved out of the state and by mid-way through 2021 another 74 had made their exit.

Now rather than letting up on policies that obviously don’t work, Newsom is doubling down.

Newsom wants to recruit more vile leftists

The new one-stop shop abortion website is only the latest gimmick he’s tried to recruit more vile leftist to move to the state.

But over the years The Golden State’s reputation has become tarnished as working-class families struggle to survive in what should be a Democrat’s paradise.

Updated statistics on poverty in California are scarce online, but a Census Bureau report from September 2021 pegged the state as having the highest poverty level in the nation at 15.4%.

And Newsom’s response to that incredibly serious problem—one likely contributing heavily to the feeling that women can’t afford to raise their babies—is to ignore it and focus on leftist issues that will get him a pat on the back at his next cocktail party.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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