Gavin Newsom should get on his knees and beg this immigrant girl for forgiveness

Democrats and the Left love to pretend that they are the party of immigrants, but the exact opposite is true.

The only thing the Left cares about are immigrant votes, but at the end of the day their lives do not matter to them.

Now open borders Democrat California Governor Newsom should get on his knees and beg this immigrant girl for forgiveness.

The Left’s pro-crime agenda is devastating for immigrant communities

For small business owner Tommy Lee, immigrating to the United States from South Korea was a way for him to pursue the American Dream.

And with some hard work and determination, Lee was able to do just that after opening a small business in Los Angeles.

However, Lee quickly realized the hard way that the American Dream is practically dead in California.

Almost immediately after opening his wig store, robberies ensued.

Lee developed a reputation for fighting back against robbers, however his most recent altercation would be his last.

Last Saturday, two unnamed minors entered his store and stole a wig.

Lee naturally tried to stop them until one teen pulled out a knife and stabbed him right in the heart.

Tommy Lee is now dead, leaving a 25-year-old daughter behind.

Following his death, his daughter spoke to the suspects through the press by saying “Shame on [the robbers],” she went on to say “Threw life away over a wig.”

Police were able to arrest the two suspects, both of which are minors, Fox 11 Los Angeles reported.

Lee’s stabbing shows how the Left does not represent immigrants at all

This deadly attack on this innocent business owner is just one of many attacks throughout Los Angeles and the nation.

Attacks like this one are a direct result of the Left’s pro-crime policies.

Undoubtedly, these hoodrats have been stealing for years, clearly without any serious repercussions.

The sad thing is, in all likelihood, these violent criminals will get off with just slaps on the wrist.

That is how Los Angeles has handled crimes like this in the past, and it would not be surprising at all if that happened here.

Perhaps Gavin Newsom should take a break from slicking back his hair in preparation for his 2024 Presidential run, and actually focus on what is happening in his state.

Business owners are terrified to go to work every morning because they know it is just a matter of time before they are robbed.

And God forbid they actually try to stop the robbery. Either the police will ignore them or they will get stabbed in the heart like Lee.

Before the Left goes on a crusade for Asian rights again, or any minority rights for that matter, they need to focus on what these people really want.

Asain immigrants, like any human being, want to live in peace and safety.

Defunding the police, and making it harder than ever to arrest and detain violent street thugs is not the way to achieve that.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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