Gavin Newsom just won another battle in his crusade to destroy California’s economy—and he’s taking the rest of the nation with him

California Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be obsessed with making his state as awful as possible. 

On a daily basis he’s dreaming up new ways to blow billions in taxpayer money. 

Now he’s won another battle in his crusade to destroy California’s economy—and he’s taking the rest of the nation with him.

Newsom and Democrats to expand poverty

After four years in office Gavin Newsom’s biggest accomplishment has nothing to do with reducing suffering among his rapidly growing lower class of citizens living below the poverty level. 

Instead, he’s busy pushing bills that would waste billions of dollars making him look good in front of his rich leftist friends that all want to feel special because they’re “fighting climate change.”

As usual, his latest scheme will hurt the middle and lower classes worse than anyone. 

In addition to shelling out billions in taxpayer money for useless environmental studies and electric car chargers in the hood, now Californians will be forced to shell out tens of thousands more for a new car. 

Newsom just signed legislation into law decreeing that all new cars sold in California by 2035 must be electric. 

Third of states impacted; will hurt middle and lower classes most

It’s a disastrous plan almost guaranteed to destroy California’s already delicate electrical grid and make owning a decent car a rich man’s game. 

And now that Newsom’s taken the lead, several other blue states are planning to likewise erode the middle-class lifestyle. 

In fact, Business Insider predicts about a third of all US states will follow his lead and ban gasoline engines. 

That’s because California is the only state in the nation that can make emission standards stricter than the federal government’s—but once California commits to something so stupid, others states are legally allowed to tag along. 

The first suspects are New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Washington, Connecticut, and Oregon. 

Don’t California my Virginia

But the list goes on and on.  

Even purple states like Virginia have laws on the books that give government bureaucrats the power to trigger higher emissions standards based on  California’s.

Democrats are apparently chomping at the bit to drive the economy off a cliff. 

Forcing every single family and business to purchase overpriced and unproven vehicles is an obvious economic disaster waiting to happen likely to affect even red states. 

UC Berkeley Law Climate Program Director Ethan Elkind says once enough states adopt similar laws it will become a “tipping point” in the vehicle industry. 

“At some point, it’s going to be hard to find a gas station.” Elkind told Business Insider. “But that is not going to happen overnight.” 

It might not happen quickly, but the way leftists are trying to manipulate our lives, it’s sure to happen far too soon. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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