Gavin Newsom just got called out as a Troll—and he might have the deepest pockets of anyone who’s earned that dubious title

Nancy Pelosi’s nephew is a raging leftist with a bright political future. 

And his tricks are about as awful as they are attention-grabbing. 

Now California Governor Gavin Newsom just got called out as a Troll—and he might have the deepest pockets of anyone who’s earned that dubious title.

Gavin Newsom is vastly more interested in poking prominent Republicans than dealing with serious issues in his state like California’s unacceptably high poverty level. 

Leftist calls out Governor

Now he just got called out.

An opinion piece published in The Atlantic points out that “Gavin Newsom is trolling, not governing.”

In it, writer Conor Friedersdorf points out that even as a majority of Californians say their state is headed in the wrong direction, Newsom is spending most of his time stirring the pot in national politics rather than stopping the bleeding at home. 

Friedersdorf says “As a Californian, I struggle to imagine a bigger waste of time than the way Newsom has been spending his: ‘I just joined Trump’s Truth Social,’ Newsom announced in June. ‘Going to be on there calling out Republican lies.’”

“He’s the governor of a disaster-prone state with 39 million residents,” Friedersdorf added. “And he’s bragging about trolling MAGA sycophants on an off-brand Twitter?”

Friedersdorf is obviously a leftist, but his point is salient. 

If this is how Newsom governs California, what kind of future do we face if he achieves his current ambition to become president and the whole US basically becomes a blue state wasteland? 

In addition to his Truth Social shenanigans, Newsom has been buying ads attacking Republican Governors including Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Texas’ Greg Abbott. 

Friedersdorf correctly pointed out that in those states, “getting attacked by Californians helps you.”

Newsom also pledged $100,000 to help DeSantis’ opponent Charlie Crist. 

He’s also been paying for ads trying to convince Californian refugees in Florida to return to the Golden State and pushing Hollywood to stop producing movies anywhere else.

And there’s speculation—although no proof—that Newsom is such a troll that he might even be behind the nastiest billboard campaign yet.

Disgusting troll

As Silicon Valley executives move their corporate headquarters to Austin, Texas en masse, suddenly billboards are popping up in San Francisco and Los Angeles using the Uvalde tragedy for a sickening political purpose.

The advertisement features a hooded man wearing sunglasses with the words “Don’t mess with Texas” crossed out by a blood red X. 

Underneath it says, “The Texas Miracle Died in Uvalde. Don’t move to Texas.”

The fact that leftists have to actively campaign to get people to stay in their blue wasteland is a more than adequate reason for anyone with sense to move away ASAP. 

We can only hope California voters—and if it comes to it American voters—will realize keeping a troll in office is a terrible idea. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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