Gavin Newsom has smoke curling out of one priest’s ears over what his campaign just broke out

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s audacity has no bounds.

Now Nancy Pelosi’s wayward nephew just broke out something few could believe.

And how he’s using it has smoke curling out of one priest’s ears.

Rather than actually running California like he’s supposed to, Gavin Newsom apparently spends his entire life sticking his nose into the business of conservative states.

Newsom targets red states with Bible verse ads

Now in his endless quest to prove he’s even further to the Left than the San Francisco political elite he grew up watching, Newsom is launching one pro-abortion campaign after the next.

In the process he’s managed to infuriate those within his one-time Aunt Nancy Pelosi’s Catholic religion.

“This is satanic,” Ryan Hilderbrand, a Roman Catholic priest from Indiana, tweeted after Newsom revealed his newest billboard design.

A series of billboard campaigns have been launched by Newsom’s Campaign for Governor in red states including Texas, Ohio, Mississippi, Indiana, South Carolina, and South Dakota.

In addition to some snarky headline, like “Indiana does not own your body” each billboard includes a Bible verse at the bottom.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” one billboard reads. “There is no greater commandment and these.”

Leftists on Social media love it with one Twitter user calling it the “perfect shade.”

Of course, Christians are absolutely blowing up over the contextual distortion of Jesus’ words in Mark 12:31.

“The idea that Newsom is using the words of Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures, to promote the killing of unborn children as somehow loving and commanded by God is quite frankly disgusting,” said Jay Sekulow, chief counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice, told Fox News Digital.

“This is a blatant, political fundraising ploy to boost his own political profile and presidential aspirations. The people are smarter than that. It just won’t work,” he added.

“Imagining the devil in his advertising office at the top of the highest skyscraper in hell giggling to himself as @GavinNewsom uses Jesus’ own words to support killing babies,” Catholic Answers tweeted.

Google worried about Newsom’s backfired attempt to troll conservatives

The backlash against Newsom’s heretical use of a Bible verse is so intense even Google is worried about its darling leftist.

A recent search for “Newsom Bible verse” in the world’s biggest search engine returned with Google asking “Did you mean: ‘New Mom Bible verse’” or displaying a warning at the top of the results page warning people that the “results below are changing quickly.”

The Big Tech giant also advised people to consider whether the sources below are “trusted on this topic” and suggested that people “come back later” when other sources “might have more information on this topic.”

The first “source” the Silicon Valley search engine was so desperately worried about was the Washington Times’ noting that Newsom “hit a new low with his Bible-themed abortion billboards.”

It followed up with a warning for conservatives to “Buckle up: Using Scripture to prop up evil is certain to ramp up in today’s culture.”

Apparently, there was way too much truth in those two lines for Google to handle.

Leftists are obviously desperate to ramp up their efforts to grasp control over conservatives—and Newsom’s latest stunt proves they’ll stoop to any new low necessary to warp the minds of anyone vulnerable to their tricks.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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