Gavin Newsom has a massive problem on his hands if he wants to be President

Democrats are uneasy about Joe Biden running again in 2024.

That’s why Gavin Newsom is waiting in the wings.

But Newsom has a massive problem on his hands if he wants to be President.

Joe Biden announced that he was running for President again in 2024.

Nobody is terribly excited about Biden considering his age, declining mental faculties, and countless gaffes.

For that reason, California Governor Gavin Newsom has attempted to position himself as a pinch hitter if Biden backs out of running.

Newsom has repeatedly attacked Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in ploy to raise his national profile.

But Newsom has some serious issues if he thinks he’s a Presidential contender.

Newsom broke a big promise to San Francisco residents

First and foremost is his handling of the homelessness crisis in California.

As mayor of San Francisco, he pledged to eliminate homelessness in the city by the end of his term.

Homelessness exploded.

And as governor, it’s only gotten worse.

The problem has gotten so bad that Democrats are beginning to consider forced treatment for people setting up shantytowns on the street.

The Washington Post reported that California “will begin an experiment in what amounts to coercive compassion, an initiative that unlike today’s mental health system will force people into treatment programs instead of jail and monitor their progress for at least a year.”

Leftists have either been unwilling to confront this reality, or vehemently opposed to it.

It is not compassionate to allow mentally distressed people to live in squalor on the street.

The Left have attempted to frame the problem as nothing more but a housing issue, but that is false.

Cities like Los Angeles have thousands of empty beds and rooms because drug-addled homeless people don’t want curfews and sobriety requirements.

Luke Bergmann, director of San Diego County’s Behavioral Health Services, explained, “The transformation has to be radical…We don’t need something that’s just chipping away at the problem, but a new focus on longer-term solutions to it. What we do know is that things are not working right now.”

Leftist groups are already raising objections to the proposal, citing civil liberties issues.

While those concerns are not unfounded, people do not have the right to illegally live on someone else’s property.

If the choices for persistently breaking the law are treatment or jail, treatment is the more reasonable approach.

But it could be too much, too little, too late for Newsom.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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