Gavin Newsom got busted after a tech executive told the truth

A handful of leftist executives in California’s most important industry have been shaping culture around the globe for more than a decade. 

But now they’re struggling to survive in the world they created.

And one of them just gave Gavin Newsom an earful about the blame he deserves. 

California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has all kinds of aspirations to move into the Oval Office. 

He already spends more time telling other governors how to run their states than he spends actually trying to deal with a crumbling economy where a vast number of people are impoverished due to the Golden State’s high cost of living. 

But Newsom has the hair to hit the campaign trail and a blind spot for issues close to home.

But a tech executive just spilled the beans about Newsom’s model blue city—and hometown where he used to be mayor. 

According to Drew Oetting, president of venture capital firm 8VC, San Francisco is “probably the worst run city in the United States.”

Oetting’s company already pulled up roots and moved to Austin Texas.

The firm joins other tech giants fleeing the blue state. 

Tesla and Oracle, along with more than two dozen other companies, recently made the move to Austin.

And that’s not the only city getting business from California commercial refugees. 

Since the start of 2018 about 300 companies have booked it out of the state. 

According to the Hoover Institution, popular destinations include Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and Tennessee. 

While leftist tech executives don’t want to admit that their pet issues and the far-Left policies of the Democrat politicians they support are a recipe for disaster, San Francisco has become a virtual laboratory for the worst blue social experiments. 

And the results speak for themselves. 

Numerous chains are pulling out of the city thanks to dangerous, violent thugs taking full advantage of leftist pro-crime policies in the city. 

Target, Walgreens, and 7-Eleven are cutting back on hours or closing up shop completely. 

Local ordinances are basically an invitation for career criminals. 

“Petty theft” is defined as stealing anything worth less than $950. 

Even in the Bay Area, that’s a decent living if a thief is bold enough to keep going back for more. 

It’s a lot harder to make an honest living in San Francisco. 

The city’s cost of living is more than one-and-a-half times more expensive than the average for the rest of the United States.

And in 2021 one in four Bay Area families were living below the poverty line, according to the San Francisco Chronicle

That alone should be enough to scare the rest of the country away from accepting every flaky leftist idea that comes in vogue. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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