Gavin Newsom got another black eye when one sports franchise made a huge announcement

Democrats are turning California into a cesspool.

Residents and businesses are leaving in droves.

And Gavin Newsom got another black eye when one sports franchise made a huge announcement.

In 2020, California had net negative migration out of the state for the first time in history.

The trend is not reversing, and businesses are fleeing for greener pastures.

High-profile companies like Tesla and Charles Schwab moved to Austin, Texas, and others have moved to Nashville, Tennessee and Miami, Florida.

While people and businesses are heading east, Governor Gavin Newsom is twiddling his thumbs and trying to raise his profile as a national politician.

Now another sports franchise is on its way out the door.

Major League Baseball joins the Bay Area exodus

Major League Baseball’s Oakland A’s are all but assured to move to Las Vegas, Nevada.

A’s owner John Fisher closed a binding agreement to purchase land in Sin City for a stadium near the strip.

Fisher had been trying to negotiate a new stadium deal in Oakland for years, but negotiations broke down completely.

The new Las Vegas stadium is set to be ready for 2027.

Upon hearing the news, Mayor Sheng Thao said, “Well, there’s many things that could have been done differently including bargaining in good faith from the A’s side…We came to the table and we said we were not going to negotiate through the media, we agreed on that. This is why you saw that we were very quiet. However, working on negotiations in one city where your home base [is] and then doing what you are doing in Las Vegas and then calling me at 6 p.m. saying we have a land deal without letting me know there was parallel track, that’s a bit disingenuous.”

The A’s are now the third team to leave Oakland.

The Golden State Warriors moved from Oakland to neighboring San Francisco, and the Raiders moved to Las Vegas.

Once the A’s finalize their move, Oakland will have no major professional sports teams.

Thao added, “The City of Oakland has for years worked to come to an agreement to keep the A’s rooted here in the City of Oakland. And on many occasions, we were able to overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers and we showed our commitment to the team and its fans over and over again…But unfortunately, it has become clear that we are not able to reach acceptable terms, and that the A’s have not been engaged as good partners in these efforts…At every opportunity, the A’s have made increasing demands on Oakland, and at every opportunity we have risen to the challenge and overcome the hurdles placed before us. Instead of working with us, they have announced a land deal in another city. And I want to be very clear, this announcement happened mid-negotiations and it shows they had no interest in making a deal with Oakland at all.”

Clearly the city government has done something wrong considering three major sports franchises with winning traditions are out the door.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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